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Bahalotecha Batmitzvah

D'var Torah

by Emma
Batmitzvah Dvar Torah
Batmitzvah Dvar Torah
Batmitzvah Dvar Torah
Batmitzvah Dvar Torah

Dear Rabbi, Gila, family and friends Shabbat shalom.

The menorah is one of the favourite symbols of Judaism through the connection with Chanukah. It has become a spiritual victory not by power but by god’s spirit. The making of the menorah is described in the book of exodus chapter 25 the command to light the menorah in the tabernacle has been given briefly in exodus it had been given to Aaron the high priest and his sons to perform this duty.

Aaron is instructed to arrange the wicks of the seven lamps in such a way that they should give one combined light

The Levites were given a special status in the process. In Egypt, only the tribe of Levi observed the Torah. In the desert also, it was this tribe alone that did not take part in the worship of the Golden Calf. For these two reasons God chose the Levites to serve Him.

The Torah talks of a Pesach Sheni, a second Passover, on the same date in the second month, for persons prevented from celebrating it, because of being unclean, or travelling during the month of Nisan, when Pesach is celebrated.

Just under a year after Bnei Yisroel arrived at Sinai they continued their journey towards Moav.

They were guided by a cloud. When God commanded Israel to set out from Sinai ‘where they had received many laws’ and continued their journey. Instead of making a one day march has God commanded them they walked for 3 days.

On this special occasion, only, when they started their journey the Ark went in front in order to in spire them with confidence and courage according to Ibn Ezra. Otherwise the Ark was carried by the kohanim in the middle of the line.

“And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses, because of the women he had taken to be his wife, and they said, did God speak only to Moses, did He not also speak to us?”          


This conversation between Miriam and Aaron, the older brother and sister of Moses is strange. What is the reason they criticize Moses, and what do they mean by saying that God did not speak to them as well?

Maimonides explains that in an attempt to raise the spiritual level of the Israelites, and prepare them for accepting the Torah at Sinai. God told them to separate from their wives for 3 days, before the giving of the Torah. God Then tells the men to return to their wives. Miriam therefore tells Aaron that Moses too should have returned to his wife Zipporah. After all was it not a commandment given to everyone include Moses. What miriam did not understand was that Moses was different from everyone else, he was even different from all other prophets. Moses was in a continuous of prophecy.                                                                                                           


My name is Emma Rose, Etal Raziel. I was named after my abba’s mother Elma, Etal and both of my grandmother’s whose name was Rose, Raizel.

I would like to thank my parents for bringing me up with the knowledge of Judaism, and passing these traditions down through the generations as they were passed to them. This has enabled me to become part of the Woodside Park community. I was very proud along with my parents, when last Simchat Torah I was honoured with Ayshet Chayil, for the senior children’s service.

I am a student at JCoSS and I enjoy the enrichment activities, which include edible gardens. This is planting fruit and vegetables.

Outside school I attend Girl Guides at Woodside Park. I also perform at the Chicken Shed children’s theatre.                                                                                                                            

It was wonderful news that we got the Eruv last year, as this has helped me walk our 2 dogs, one called Honey who is a Labradoodle, and the other called Sindy who is a sausage on legs.

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