Leining Squad

Leining Squad

LARGEST EVER LEINING SQUAD KICKS OFF, Shabbat 10 December, 10am-10.30am Leining Squad 2017 will kick off on Shabbat 10 December 2016 for boys in school years 5 & 6.


Fifteen boys have ALREADY signed up for the team, so it’s guaranteed to be the largest leining squad EVER! Team Manager will be the “Squadfather" himself, Danny Wolinsky, the creator of the Squad concept.


Danny will be assisted by Coach Ed Newman, and they will build on the strong AZ team trained by David Cohen. “Training Sessions” will be 10-10.30am on Shabbat morning at shul, about once every three weeks, where Danny and Ed will teach the boys how to read from the sefer torah whilst also having a lot of fun.


The Squad is aimed at boys who are at non-Jewish schools as well as those at Jewish schools. To join Leining Squad 2017, please email Tali Ross youngfamilies@woodsidepark.org.uk to sign up for the squad and for further training.

Chochma Squad

Time: 9.45am to 10.30am

Boys in school year 9 - with Jonathan Cantor

Venue: Top floor of the Wiseman Linden Building.

Refreshments provided.

Brand New Squad for all Year 11 students (Girls and Boys are all invited)
Ethics Squad – The Only Way is Ethics

Date: starting 27 October

Time: 10am

Venue: Middle classroom of the top floor of the Wiseman Linden building

Woodside Park Synagogue Squads is proud to announce the launch of a brand new squad for all year 11 students. Ethics Squad – The Only Way is Ethics will feature inspirational discussions on current affairs subjects relevant to youth today from a Jewish perspective. Led by Jonathan Cantor, this promises to be a thought provoking and fun series. Also, there will be J2O, Pringles marshmallows, chocolate etc

AZ Squad
AZ Squad
AZ Squad
AZ Squad