'Zoom Cafe Hillel V Shammai' 

Next Session
'When were You Born?' 

Join Michael Baxter, Chartered Statistician for 

A Light Hearted Tour round Jewish Birthdays

All welcome to learn and debate

Next Date : Sunday 20 March

Time 10.00am 


Join via Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 854 1500 1859

Please contact the office for the password

When you join the meeting please wait until you are admitted.

For further details please contact Brian Harris to discuss

on 07810 233230 or email

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Parsha in the Morning
with Rabbi Hackenbroch
9am every Monday to Friday
9.30am Sunday

Venue Woodside Park Facebook Page  and WPS Shul You Tube Channel​

We recite in English Psalm 23, saying this together is a powerful way of affirming out trust in God in situations beyond our control.

Together we say the Misheberach, the prayer for healing for all those ill in our community and beyond.

The Memorial Prayer for those with yahrzeit is recited.

06 Parsha in the morning - version 2.jpg
Winter Time: 
Friday Night Shiur
with Rabbi Hackenbroch

Date: After Maariv during the short winter evenings 

Venue: The shul


Everyone, men and women are all welcome to attend.

Summer Time: 
Shabbat Shiur
with Rabbi Hackenbroch

Date: Shabbat afternoon in the summer between Mincha and Maariv 

Venue: The shul


Everyone, men and women are all welcome to attend.

Daniel Greenberg's Shiur

Date: alternate Wednesdays @ 8.30pm

Venue: In the Bet Midrash


New participants (men and women) always welcome.


Check events calendar for next date.



Daniel Greenberg biography

I am a barrister who specialises in legislation.


For 20 years I wrote laws as a member of the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel in 36 Whitehall, London: now I consult, write and teach.


I consult as in-house Parliamentary Counsel in the Parliamentary Team at Berwin Leighton Paisner BLP, where I advise on statutory interpretation, the legislative process and machinery of government.   I also have a legislative drafting practice for legislation in the UK and abroad.


My most important publishing activities are Craies on Legislation and Westlaw UK Annotated Statutes and Insight Encyclopaedia.  I am also the Editor of OUP’s Statute Law Review, the editor of two legal dictionaries and a contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary, and I have written a number of other books and articles.


I lecture on statutory interpretation and legislative drafting as an Associate Research Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in the University of London and as Visiting Professor of Legislation in the University of Derby.  My training activities include training legislative drafters, civil servants and legislators in the UK and abroad.  I have recently returned from Myanmar where I gave a series of seminars on legislative drafting and statutory interpretation organised by the UNDP.  I also teach and write about Jewish law and ethics


I write occasionally for the Jewish Chronicle; I published a book about conversion to Judaism; I write a blog of occasional thoughts on the Jewish attitude to social issues; and I was an honorary consultant to the Jewish Association of Business Ethics, writing and speaking for them over a number of years, until their sad demise in 2012.


I took part in a public debate with Dayan Lichtenstein and Rabbi Michael Pollack in July 2013 on the subject of whether rabbinic authority can be restored after recent events in the UK and abroad – you can see a brief account of the debate on the United Synagogue website.