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Rabbi Hackenbroch

Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Pinchas Hackenbroch grew up in Stanmore, London and attended Hasmonean High School and read Law at London Guildhall University.

He studied in Israel in several Yeshivot including Gush Etzion and Mir obtaining semicha as well graduating in practical Rabbinics through the Ner Le’elef Institute and Kollel Halichot Yerushalayim. It was during this time that he met his wife Gila, nee Elevitsky whose father was Rabbi of the Mizrachi Shul in Antwerp, Belgium and they married shortly after. Whilst in Israel he delivered popular weekly lectures in Talmud and Jewish Philosophy.

Before being appointed full time Minister of Woodside Park Synagogue in November 2008, Rabbi Hackenbroch was Rabbi of Newton Mearns Synagogue in Glasgow for five years. He was head of Kashrut for West of Scotland and a popular weekly columnist for the Jewish Telegraph. During their time in Newton Mearns Rabbi Piny and Gila Hackenbroch were well known for dynamic and exciting educational and social programmes, including "60 days for 60 years" a learning programme tackling contemporary Jewish issues that attracted over 1000 people. In Scotland Rabbi Hackenbroch became a sought-after speaker, from giving talks within the community, to a monthly shiur in Manchester as well as guest speaker at many inter-communal and inter faith events.

In Woodside Park, Rabbi Hackenbroch is renowned for his entertaining and yet thought provoking and inspiring sermons and shiurim which are a constant draw. In addition, he is renowned for his outstanding communal programming which has won the admiration of Chief Rabbi Mirvis, who recognised him as “one of the most creative and innovative Rabbis” in the United Synagogue. In addition, he has been the driving force behind much of the development and vibrancy of Woodside Park Community which continues to grow close to 1,400 members.


Beyond his community he is a sought-after speaker and has spoken in the US, Canada, and Europe.  He is a regular contributor in the media both in the press and social media as well as appearances on radio.

Outside of his Shul work Rabbi Hackenbroch enjoys, practicing as both a commercial and family mediator, sitting on mediation panels and assisting individuals and businesses with dispute resolution. In addition, he enjoys spending quality time with the family and his hobbies include tennis and football and he even came out of retirement scoring against Spurs Legends in a Charity Match.

Contact Details

Rabbi Hackenbroch

Tel No: Shul Office : 020 8445 4236

Tel No Mobile: 07976 728350 

email: rabbiph@woodsidepark.org.uk

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Gila Hackenbroch Msc

Gila Hackenbroch, is a highly respected and fully accredited psychotherapist currently completing her second Masters in Systemic Family Psychotherapy at The Tavistock, as well as working for the charities Camp Simcha and Noah.

She is a popular speaker with both the ladies and teenage girls at Woodside Park and for several years coordinated the WPS Ladies learning programme New Moonies. She is instrumental in the WPS Shabbat UK and many other high profile social programmes. In addition Gila assists in facilitating the WSP Bereavement Group and Woodside Park Cares. In Glasgow she worked for Relate as a therapist, lectured for UJIA and was the liaison between Glasgow and the London Beth Din.

The Hackenbroch's are renowned for their open door policy and being extremely approachable. Rabbi and Gila have been married for eighteen years and have six children. 

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Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt

Assistant Rabbi

Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt was born in Liverpool but moved to NW London shortly thereafter (he is still, however, very much a LFC fan!). He finished school early (completing his A levels at 16) but decided his passion was the rabbinate and studied for 10 years in the world’s leading institutions such as Gateshead, Yeshivat Heichal Hatorah (R’ Tzvi’s) and The Jerusalem Kollel where he eventually attained three Semichasin different areas of Jewish law.In May 2018, together with Batya and their two kids, moved to the UK from Israel, where they had been living for 5 years, to join the ‘Rabbinic Training Academy’ which focuses primarily on helping young Rabbis develop and further their skills and gain more insight and understanding in to the various challenges facing UK Jewry. He is also a trained chazzan and particularly enjoys singing at Jewish wedding ceremonies.

Contact Details

Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt
email: rabbiakiva@woodsidepark.org.uk


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Rebbetzin Batya Rosenblatt

Batya Rosenblatt was born and bred in Manchester. She taught Jewish studies at Broughton Jewish Primary School, absolutely loving her time there. After getting married to Akiva and moving to Israel, she studied in Jerusalem at Shelem College of Complementary Medicine and in 2016 fully qualified as a massage therapist and reflexologist. Despite being a full-time mother, she set up massage salon in Jerusalem which proved to be very popular. Batya feels very fortunate to have learned more about the human experience by delving deep into the ‘3 Principles’ understanding of mental wellbeing - that there is health, resilience and creativity inside every human being no matter what their circumstances or past. She always enjoys learning more and sharing what she has gained. 

Contact Details

Rebettzin Batya Rosenblatt

email: rebbitzenbatya@woodsidepark.org.uk