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Day: Wednesdays

Time: 1.45pm for prompt start at 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Venue: Wiseman Linden Hall


JACkanory @ JACS
Have you got a story to tell??

Jacs  are always In need of speakers.   
Recently we were enthralled with Moira Newton's talk on her visit to Zambia, & recently Alan Tunkel gave a talk on France and their Jews. 

We wonder if anyone else from the community would like to give a talk, any subject, interesting hols. profession , a happening?


If so Gloria would be delighted to hear from you.





The girls from Shiras Devorah School will be reciting poetry for us & then I would like to have your participation on what we would never think of you doing.



The Zimmeretts dancing for us for Purim



Newcomer Ralph Berkley singing on keyboard - songs from Carl Pullman



Newcomer Roy Douglas with a talk on astronomy and the paranormal. A very good speaker from the BBC highly recommended





1st, 8th & 15th April we are closed for Pesach - Together with my committee we wish you all a very happy and healthy Pesach



A welcome return of Paul Baker - a talk of the famous footsteps of folk from Finchley



Paul Coleman singing on keyboard for Israel’s Day of Independence         



JACS Events in 2017
JACS Events in 2016
Woodside Park JACS

by Bert Nicholsby



The concept thought up by the late Annette Pearlman together with the late Rev Saul Amias was to organise a structured programme of activities for retired or semi-retired members - basically cultural and held together by strong social ties.


The first branch opened in 1978 at Stanmore Synagogue and was an immediate success. This was soon followed by Finchley Synagogue and Southgate in 1979. Some 22 branches were formed in a short space of time - all on synagogue premises.


As implied by its name, JACS - Jewish Association of Cultural Societies - offers a programme of speakers and light entertainment on a weekly basis and organises visits to places of interest, concerts etc. Holidays are arranged, usually twice a year, mainly in the UK and occasionally outside of the UK. During our last visit to Israel we visited the IDF armoured corps memorial site at Latrun and were privileged to lay a wreath at the Wall of Remembrance.


During its early days, JACS formed a strong attachment to Karmiel Children’s Village located in the Bet Hakerem valley in Upper Galilee. The Village was formed in 1978 and presently looks after about 275 deprived and abused children. JACS provides financial support by means of periodic donations that originate from voluntary contributions sent in by individual branches.



The Woodside Park Synagogue branch of JACS was opened in 1989 on the recommendation of Rev Michael Plaskow MBE.


It is also, to my knowledge, the largest contributory branch to the Karmiel Childrens Village raising £7800 over the last 5½ years.


In addition, the Woodside Park branch contributes £250 every year to the Woodside Park Synagogue for the privilege of the use of the Wiseman-Linden Hall every Wednesday.


I would also like to thank all the ladies who have put so much into the branch.

JACS@Woodside Park

by Robbie Book


So what did you expect - the Sunshine Boys??!!


During your lives you will have the opportunity to join many types of organisation. Some will fulfil your every need. Others will fill a gap. When the Woodside Park branch of the Jewish Association of Cultural Societies was formed in 1989, there were a number of gaps to be filled for a number of people of a certain age. I joined Woodside Park JACS this year and it has filled a gap for me. I am lucky enough to be in my first year of a 25 year apprenticeship as Treasurer - if I follow Bert's tremendous example. Bert will now give you some background about JACS.


There are many of you who regard JACS as a little bit old. Forget that notion. Unless you are thinking of trying for the England Under-21's, you will always have someone older than you in any organisation you choose to join. The way our members react to our speakers, you can be forgiven for mistaking them at times for the radicals of your student union days! We are a lively bunch. Many of you are either retired or no longer working. Wednesday afternoons from 1.30 till 3.30 is a time when you could enjoy all the offerings of our own JACS. Our programmes are varied and change year by year following feedback on speakers from our own members and other JACS groups around London.


This year we had an absorbing talk from an ex-serviceman seconded to the American First Army, who was present at the Nuremberg trials; we have had talks from our own members; a visit from the Israeli embassy explaining, with some difficulty (!), the background to Israeli politics. We then had a contrasting talk from the UK director of Meir Panim, the Israeli charity which tries to act in the role of Welfare State provider to Israel's needy. We have had an excellent choir, a history of London Mayors; we have had musical afternoons. Our most recent talk, from our own ever-young Maurice Franklin, could have been subtitled - "Hitler, my role in his downfall!!". It was delivered over 40 minutes without notes. It was fascinating, moving and, above all, amusing. Woodside Park's Got Talent.


I am addressing those of you in your sixties and seventies. Come along to a meeting one afternoon soon and give us ideas on how we can cater for your tastes. Different timing maybe?! Alternative programmes?! We want to hear from you and your voices will be heard. I've no doubt that we will soon be having a nostalgic afternoon listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, rather than Vera Lynn and Victor Sylvester, and with discussions on the Vietnam War and how the Heath government took us into Europe, rather than how history took us out!


You may feel that you are capable of organising your own activities. Some of you have joined the admirable University of the 3rd Age for example. Woodside Park JACS exists to add another dimension for you. You have the chance now to become part of the team of contributors to our group. As a member, I will at some stage be recounting my experiences from my extensive travels in Africa. We all have stories and experiences to share.


The Honorary Officers have given us this opportunity to tempt you to join us. We can only prove our worth if you take the time to come along. At the Kiddush after the service, please have a chat with me, Bert, or our Chair Gloria Holman, and we will endeavour to exude the enthusiasm which is so evident every Wednesday afternoon. Like the very best chicken soup - try it - it won't do you any harm!


Thank you for listening.

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