Beginning this Sunday, join participants across three continents to prepare for Pesach by gaining valuable insights to share at Seder night, taught by three outstanding educators. 

Anyone can join in from home - just sign up here.

Slovie Jungreis Wolff
OU Women's Initiative

Date : 22 March

Time: 8pm

Ma'ayan Raisel Freedman
Office of the Chief Rabbi

Date : 29 March

Time: 8pm

Dr Chani Tannenbaum
OU Israel

Date : 5 April

Time: 8pm

Some of the 20 women from WPS who attended the Chief Rabbi's

pre Rosh Hashanah Neshama Event at South Hampstead last night.


An evening of learning & inspiration for women in the lead up to Yamim Noraim organised by the Office of the Chief Rabbi

Date : Sunday 22 September 2019

We have organised return transport to the venue NW3 picking up from the shul at 5pm.

Please let Karen Simon know ASAP if you would like reserve a space on the coach or mini bus.

Join us on Sunday 22nd September and hear from world renowned educators and presenters – listen, discuss and reflect through inspiring sessions to prepare yourself for the Yamim Noraim. Whether through text, art, yoga, music or more, come along and learn something new. 

Light dinner and refreshments throughout the evening will be provided. 



Early bird price, before 2nd September - £15.

Tickets after 2nd September -£20

6pm: Doors open and dinner

7pm – 10pm: Sessions 

Location in NW3. You will receive details of the exact location after booking.

To take a look at the range of sessions taking place 

please click here or see below

SLOT 1 (7.25-8.25pm)


Inspirational Women of the Rosh Hashana Service –

Rebbetzen Dr Adina Shmidman

Meet Chana, Rachel and Sarah – three women whose words resonate deeply in our Rosh Hashana liturgy – and how we can be inspired by their actions and words.

This is a text-based session. No previous learning experience is necessary.


From purifying the temple to purifying our souls:

Evolutions in Teshuva – Yael Leibowitz

This session will look at how our Yom Kippur experience developed out of the seemingly distant rituals of the Bet Hamikdash, and in doing so, discover added depth and meaning to the day.

This is a text-based session. Previous learning experience is recommended.


Focus your mind, stretch your body and awaken your soul! – Assistant Rebbetzen and yoga teacher Talya Rose

Through a series of poses and focused breath-work, yoga helps a person to channel their physical and mental energy to become a more relaxed and centred person. This yoga class will have a soulful twist and give you both physical and spiritual inspiration for the Yamim Noraim.

For this session, please wear clothes suitable for doing yoga. 


Jewels in the Crown: Highlights and insights for your meaningful Rosh Hashana Service – Rebbetzen and Ma’ayan Jacqueline Feldman

Rosh Hashana is Hashem’s annual coronation day. The highlight of this majestic time is our prayer service. This session will look at some key points in the Rosh Hashana davening and discuss nuggets, ideas and stories that will transform your Rosh Hashana into a more passionate and meaningful experience.

This session will look at prayers from the Rosh Hashana machzor. No previous knowledge required


Ascent through song – Rebbetzen Dr Hadassah Fromson

Join Hadassah in getting spiritually ready for the new year by learning the tunes and meanings of some of the most poignant and powerful sections of the yamim noraimprayers.

This is an experiential session which involves singing, philosophy and discussion.



SLOT 2 (8.40-9.40pm)


Finding our purpose before Rosh Hashana – Yael Leibowitz

This presentation will delve into the creation episodes in Bereishit, and in doing so, enable us to connect more consciously with our purpose on this earth.

This is a text-based session. No previous learning experience is necessary.


Teshuva – Apology Psychology – Rebbetzen Dr Adina Shmidman

An extraordinary in-depth exploration of the tools of change according to Tanach and contemporary psychological theory with a practical guide to repentance.

This is a text-based session. Previous learning experience is recommended.


Yom Kippur: a journey in prayer – Rebbetzen Lauren Levin

In this transformative presentation we will explore the carefully woven together tapestry of Yom Kippur prayers, their history, key themes and meaning for our lives today.

This session will look at prayers from the Yom Kippur machzor. No previous knowledge required.


Reflection, Observation and Meditation through Art – Chava Erlanger

In this session we are going to explore, through the medium of art, the subject of teshuva. Reflection is about looking inside, “hitbonnenut”, how we can look into our inner truth. Observation is about listening to ourselves and how we act. Meditation is about teshuva and focusing on our inner self in order to understand the truth. Come and join us for an in-depth journey using collage, paint and other mediums of art to find your own inner truth.

This is a hands-on creative art session. No previous knowledge of art or Judaism required.


Un–expecting – Speakers TBC

Faith and spirituality can be tested during unexpected life challenges, including illness, trauma, bereavement and infertility. Stories will be shared about individuals’ resilience during these times and we will also explore how couples with diverse responses successfully navigate their challenges together.

This session will see a panel sharing and discussing experiences.



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