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Telling Tales Out of Shul

telling tales out of shul
Telling Tales Out of Shul
'Who Do You Think You Are ?
Tips and Hints on how to Research Your Family Tree'
with Guest speaker
Louise Mason

Tuesday 12th December

Time: 3.30pm

Please Join us on Zoom

Meeting ID: 810 2094 7882

Louise Mason, a self- taught genealogist with over 19 years’ experience, will share her knowledge on the tools, tips and tricks to research your own Family Tree.

From Birth, Death & Marriage Records to Census, Shipping Records and Naturalisation Documents, find out how you can enhance your research and avoid the pitfalls of misinformation.

NEXT MEETING : 3.30pm Tuesday 9th January

"The Full Jewish - One Thousand Years of History - Part 2" 

with guest speaker Ian Fagelson

For further details please click here  to email Brenda

Louise Mason's talk 
'Telling Tales Out of Shul'

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'Telling Tales Out of Shul'
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