Yavneh Garden Party 2017

The opening of our newly refurbished garden in the presence of

Therese Villiers MP & His worshipful honour the Mayor of Barnet Mr Brian Salinger

Welcome By Miriam Schajer

Headteacher Yavneh Nursery 

Good morning

I would like to welcome you all here today, in particular, His worshipful honour the Mayor of Barnet Mr Brian Salinger. We are very honoured that you have agreed to open our newly refurbished garden. 

We are also delighted that our local Member of Parliament, Therese Villiers, who has found time in her busy schedule to join us, along with our Barnet advisory teacher Eileen Heron and Sarah Whitty from the Preschool Learning Alliance. We are pleased that some members of the Woodside Park Synagogue Management committee are also with us here today.

This garden area has always been an integral part of the learning experience we are proud to deliver at Yavneh. Soon after I arrived at Yavneh some 14 years ago Tina Bloch, a member of the staff team, embarked on a project to safe play surface this area while creating a home for insects and wildlife. The years passed, the trees grew and the grass died and the garden became grey and dusty. We began to explore options to restore the garden to an area that once again would demonstrate to parents the value of outside play and all the benefits that brings. The opportunities for learning that an outside play present cannot be over emphasised. The independence to use stairs to get to the garden, sensory experiences that lead to culinary experimentation. We make good mint water! The patience the children learn to acquire while they wait for things to grow. Having this open space enables our children to make use of a variety of equipment designed to develop their core strength which in turn will give them the muscle control to hold and use tools with care and precision. Skills for life!

Tina obtained the original funding from the local authority for this area. This time we have to thank the phenomenal Brian Hill, treasurer of the nursery, who through his meticulous care of the Yavneh finances combined with my good housekeeping and aided by parent’s generosity, has enabled us to fund this project, This has been fulfilled by Lockwood’s following a Friday afternoon encounter with Vince and Ian at a nursery exhibition. In fact the Shul decided to use them to re pave the rear of the synagogue.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Linda Plasco, chair of governors, whose generosity of time and wise counsel ensures that Yavneh nursery is truly a wonderful place to start our children’s education.

This fantastic garden party is due entirely to efforts of our parent governors supported by the current parents, and I would like to thank Esther, Laura and Nicole for the many hours that they have spent not only in organising this event but other amazing functions throughout this past year for the benefit of the nursery. Yavneh is truly blessed with having generations of fantastically supportive parents who over the years have given unstintingly of their time and expertise to support the nursery.

Just before I finish I would just like to say that an OFSTED inspector commented that Yavneh was like ‘a family’ she exactly summed up Yavneh. That’s what we are, a group of adults and children who care about each other, educate each other, share the same values and are always connected.

We hope you all enjoy yourselves. If any of you are new to the Yavneh experience please come and talk to me or my staff about how you can become part of Yavneh Nursery.

 I have great pleasure in asking his Worshipful honour the Mayor to cut the ribbon to officially open our new garden. 

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