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Welcome to Yavneh Nursery


The structures of our sessions are designed to create confident learners who are able to make independent decisions within an enjoyable framework. There are opportunities for the children to participate in supported free play, small group and large group activities.


We value parental involvement within the Yavneh framework and we operate an open door policy where parents are welcome to visit at any time.


I, together with my staff, welcome you to Yavneh and invite you to come and judge for yourself the unique qualities that make Yavneh the very special early years setting it is.


Natalie Mayer,

Head Teacher

Telephone number: 020 8445 7448

Email: yavneh@woodsidepark.org.uk

Yavneh Nursery


Invite all parents / careers / grandparents

in the Woodside Park Community

to bring their babies and pre-schoolers to join us for 

a weekly music session

Date: Every Friday during term time.

Time: 11.00am - 12.15am

Venue: in Yavneh's upstairs classroom

Cost: £1 each adult per session


We are aware that there are a lot of families in the area that would dearly love for their children to have the opportunity to experience  the magic of Yavneh.  


Therefore by popular demand, we are  very excited to announce that Yavneh nursery now offer a breakfast club starting from 8AM, in addition to their afternoon sessions until 3pm.

Yavneh Nursery - Video and Photos Model Seder


What we have to offer


Yavneh Nursery is currently registered by OFSTED (registration number 147651) for twenty nine children between the ages of two and five years. We conform to all Statutory Requirements and our dedicated team regularly update their knowledge by a process of continuing professional development courses run by the the London Borough of Barnet Education Department.


The nursery is purpose built and is well stocked with books, toys and puzzles, as well as painting, drawing and modelling equipment. There are computers equipped with the latest educational software and we also have bikes, scooters and toy cars for outdoor use. There is an outdoor play area which incorporates a slide set and garden. We offer weekly music sessions and with the assistance of parents we take children on outings.


We are a small, friendly nursery which carefully nurtures children's personal, social and cognitive skills to prepare them for the transition into Reception.


Our Early Years Foundation programme encourages children towards independence and self-confidence in a happy and relaxed environment.


We place strong emphasis on group activities, encouraging sharing, friendship, and communication with other children and adults, and a sense of achievement and responsibility. The children are also introduced to the basics of reading, writing and number work.


Every Friday, the children take home a folder containing their work completed during the week and the nursery newsletter.


Staff are always happy to discuss children's progress with parents.


Jewish Ethos


Yavneh Nursery is part of Woodside Park Synagogue.


We foster a Jewish atmosphere within the nursery by celebrating Shabbat each week and all the Jewish Festivals throughout the year, including Chanucah and Purim parties, Pesach Seder, Tu Bishvat and Yom Ha'atzmaut.


Interest in the Festivals is stimulated through stories, songs, plays, arts and crafts.


Nursery Information


Yavneh Nursery is delighted to announce extended opening hours.


Children can now attend from 9.15am – 3pm Monday to Thursday.


Existing hours of 9.15am – 1.15pm Monday to Thursday, with lunch provided and Friday 9.15am -12.15am are still available too.


A warm, caring environment, based at Woodside Park Synagogue, N12, Yavneh caters for children from 2 to 5 years, nurturing their personal, social and cognitive skills.  Each week the children attending extended hours will learn a new theme.  This week was The Hungry Caterpillar which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The nursery is closed during school holidays and Jewish Holidays.


We have an active P.T.A. who organise fund-raising events on behalf of the Nursery.


Yavneh's Board of Governors consists of the Rabbi, the Head of Nursery, a nursery staff member, two Synagogue Board Members and three parent governors. The latter are voted for by the parents every year.


Children over three receive a funding grant from Barnet Council.

To read the Yavneh Nursery Policies please click here

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