Bentching Gomel

Below is the prayer recited by Anshel at WPS on Shabbat Mikketz

One says the blessing of  Hagomel giving  praise to Hashem when a personal miracle happened to us.

As I am not Barmitzvah yet, technically I cannot make this blessing but our sages say I can and should publicly praise Hashem for the personal miracle He has performed for me. 

As this is the first time I am back in Shul in the actual place where my accident took place which was followed by emergency surgery. There is nothing  more fitting than me to give thanks in front of all of you. As we celebrate Chanukah the festival of miracles I want  to thank Hashem for the miracle I personally experienced and for the kindness he performed for  me  in restoring me to full health 

May we all share and enjoy semachot in good health

Shabbat Shalom

A Guide to the Thanksgiving Blessing - Bentching Gomel

Introduction to ‘Bentching Gomel’

HaGomel is a prayer said to thank God for having enabled one to emerge safely from a dangerous situation.


It is said by both men and women.

Common situations in which one would Bentch Gomel include, but are not limited to:

  1. Safely completing a long journey, particularly one involving travel across water or a desert

    and certainly one that was hazardous.

  2. The safe delivery of a baby.

  3. Surviving a serious accident.

  4. Surviving an earthquake, terrorist attack, etc.

  5. Recovering from a serious illness or operation.

For more details of the circumstances in which HaGomel is said, please consult with Rabbi Hackenbroch. HaGomel should ideally be said within three days of the relevant event, but in any case at the first available opportunity.

How do I Bentch Gomel?

As HaGomel is a public thanksgiving, it is only said in the presence of a minyan. In the synagogue it is usually said on an occasion when the Torah is read, directly after someone has had an aliyah. One should inform the Rabbi or Shul office that one wishes to Bentch Gomel to obtain guidance as to when and where to do so. In some communities a woman who has given birth will Bentch Gomel from the women’s section of the synagogue; in others, it may be said at a weekday service at an appropriate time, or with a specially convened minyan, e.g. at a kiddush.

The Blessing

The following is recited while standing.


Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who bestows kindness on the unworthy, who has bestowed on me much good.


Baruch Atah Adonay Eloheinu Melech HaOlam HaGomel l’Chayavim tovot Sheg’malani kol tov



Those who hear the brachah (blessing) say:

‘Amen’. May He who bestowed much good on you always bestow much good on you.


Amen. Mi Sheg’mal-ech kol tov Hu Yig’mal-ech kol tov selah


(Please note that the transliteration is in the feminine form) (See page 412 in the Green Siddur)

What else can I do to thank God?

Some may not feel comfortable to Bentch Gomel; others may wish to do something in addition to saying the blessing.

Many possibilities exist, but three suggestions are:
1. Giving Tzedakah (charity) to show your gratitude to God for helping you.
2. Getting involved in some form of caring project to help others in challenging situations.

3. Give a Kiddush to celebrate your survival. 

To Download the guide to Bentching Gomel please click on the document below