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Bnei Akiva is the world’s largest Religious Zionist youth movement, active all over the world with over 100,000 members. In the UK, Bnei Akiva runs summer and winter camps, weekly activities, Israel Machane (tour), gap year schemes and so much more. Come and find out more!


Each sviva (branch) runs its own weekly activities on a Shabbat afternoon. The thematic content of the weekly meetings are set down by the Educational Department of Bnei Akiva.


Roshim: Simon, Robert and Sara

Sganim: Nathan and Zara

Address of Sviva: Woodside Park Synagogue, Woodside Park Road, N12


On site meetings on a Shabbat are not taking place at this time due to COVID but when they resume they will be at the following times:

Times of Activities: Winter = 3:15 – 5.15 / end of Shabbat    Summer = 3:30 - 5:30


Woodside Park BA
Inter-Sviva Competition
Escape Room

Date: Sunday 14 March

Time: 6.30pm

Just to explain to you that this weeks activity is inter-sviva. this means that we will be competing with other sviva's across the country in this escape room 



Looking forward to seeing you there and more details to follow

Simon and Robert

Roshim 5781


Bnei Akiva UK we will be participating in BA's new initiative of Kadima.


This is a once a month program held at the Bnei Akiva Bayit in which the chanchim get to interact with other chanachim of the same age.


This is a great way for Bnei Akiva to grow in strength both at sviva and on camp.


For more information and to register please go to

Bnei Akiva and COVID - 19 Guidelines

We would like to let you know how BA will be working over this year.


This year because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) a link will be sent out each week asking for you to sign your child/ren up so that we can keep a record of who comes and if G-d forbid someone does catch or starts to show symptoms of COVID-19 then we can let Bnei Akiva know who will pass on the information to track and trace.


Bnei Akiva will then notify you if you are required to self isolate.


Please download the COVID-19 guidelines which have been created by the Mazkirut of Bnei Akiva in accordance with the government's guidelines


Bnei Akiva Medical Form


Please see below the link to the Sviva medical form. even if you filled one out last year please can you re-do for this year. 


Medical form:


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