Shabbat & Festivals


We are delighted to announce that, given the increasing number of members who wish to attend Shabbat services, we have recognised a need to run two parallel services every Shabbat morning, when there is not a simcha taking place in the shul. 


This will create additional capacity with the Synagogue starting at 9.15am, starting with Pesukei Dezimra.  At 9.45am, the service in the Wiseman Linden Hall will commence, with Pesukei Dezimra to be davened at home.


We will continue to offer services in both venues under current 2m distancing rules and ask attendees to adhere to our strict guidelines for attending services which includes wearing a face mask while on the premises. The time difference will allow the Synagogue service to conclude with enough time for attendees to leave the campus and disperse before the service in the Hall ends.  


You must pre-book to attend Shabbat services. If you haven’t already registered to attend Shabbat Services, please do so by clicking here. We have already been in touch with those who have previously registered but if you have any queries, please email


We look forward to welcoming all our members who wish to attend Shabbat Services.


To register to attend our Shabbat Youth Services (for girls aged 12–18 & boys aged 13-18) which will be held from 10am to 12 noon on the first floor Community Centre please click here.

Shabbat Children's Services at shul are back with the Toddler's Service 

Children’s Services for years 1-6 on the first floor of the Wiseman Linden Building from 10.45-11.30am EVERY Shabbat

Book via


Toddler's Service for Pre-School, School Nursery and Reception aged children in the Woodside Gan Nursery from 10.45-11.30am EVERY Shabbat

Book via

We ask attendees to adhere to our strict guidelines for attending services -please click here for details

Please note that there are a limited number of available places each week and therefore you must book to attend. Bookings will open on the Sunday prior to the Shabbat Service via Please note that if you would like to collect CRP points from attendance you must self-register on the US CRP online system:

For Friday Night Services, please pre-book by emailing David Richards by midday on the Friday you wish to attend.


Please refer to the weekly e-newsletter for service times as well as


We look forward to welcoming you back!

All Maariv Services services Sunday to Thursday can be viewed on line on Zoom at 7.30pm

To join the evening services via zoom 

Please click the following link

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371​

For the Password please contact the Office

Shabbat Chukat
18 / 19 June 2021
09 / 10 Tamuz 5781
Friday 19 June
Shabbat Begins at 7.30 pm

If you would like to join us this Friday, 18 June starting at 7.30pm, please email by midday on Friday latest.


Due to Covid requirements, you must have pre-booked and have your name on the list to be able to attend.


Please remember to bring a face mask and a Siddur with you.

Online Kabbalat Shabbat - Fridays

Please join via Zoom the service in the Shul at 7.30pm for

Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371​

For the Password please contact the Office

Shabbat 19 June
Please bring a siddur and a mask with you
Please only turn up for services if you have registered and have and have received a seat allocation for this shabbat.
If you would like to register for the opportunity to attend future Shabbat services and haven't already done so, please click here. Queries can be emailed to
Service Leaders WL Hall

PD: Zvi Roth (Hall) / Alan Tunkel (Main Shul) 

Shacharit: TBC (Hall) / Alan Tunkel(Main Shul)

Leining: Simon Braham (Hall) / Alon Peacock (Main Shul)

Haftarah: TBC
Mussaf: TBC (Hall) / Alan Tunkel (Main Shul)


Mincha in the WL Hall 9.27pm
Shabbat Ends 10.27pm

Havdallah Every Saturday night

Approx. 15 mins after Shabbat Ends at

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371​

For the Password please contact the Office

The Totteridge Friday Night Minyan

The Totteridge minyan is finished for this season, thank you to all those who have hosted and all those who have come along to support. We restart in April after Pesach next year  

Request for Men to join the Leyning Rota 

To enable greater participation from our members, the wardens would like to invite any men who might be interested in leyning. This could perhaps be their Bar Mitzvah Sedra or they could learn a new one?

Alternatively if you know anyone who would be interested, please could you let the wardens know.

Service buddies

We have a service buddy arrangement at Woodside Park to help with following and understanding the Shabbat service.


This will include finding your place in the siddur on arrival in shul and throughout the service, when to stand and why, in fact anything you would like to know about the workings of the service. We will pair you with a buddy who will sit next to you and help you find your way around. This arrangement will be entirely confidential.


If you interested in this, including acting as a buddy, please contact the shul office by telephone: 020 8445 4236 or email

Weekly Programme of Prayer at WPS


Shacharit In the Main Shul

Sunday & Bank Holidays: 8.30am

Monday & Thursday: 7am

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday : 7.15am

Parsha in the Morning​
with Rabbi Hackenbroch

Every Monday to Friday at 9am

Sundays & Bank Holidays at 9.30am

Get your day off to a flying start 15 action packed minutes Learn and Pray for those with Covid and recite memorial prayer Live on the Woodside Park Shul Facebook page 

and YouTube channel.

Please join for Mincha / Maariv in the Shul or by Zoom

Sunday - Thursday - 7.30pm

Zoom Link below

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371​

For the Password please contact the Office

Shabbat Children’s Services


We are really pleased to announce that Shabbat Children's Services will be taking place on the first floor of the Wiseman Linden Building from 10.45-11.30am as follows:


Toddler’s Service - fortnightly from Shabbat 1 May 2021

Children’s Services for years 1-6 – fortnightly from Shabbat 8 May 2021


Members must book to attend and due to social distancing measures, there are a limited number of available places each week.


Please click here to review our Guidelines for Attending Children’s Services and note in particular:

  • Face coverings must be worn by anyone over the age of 11 at all times while on the premises

  • Only those booked to attend the Children’s Service will be admitted

  • All children must sit with an adult from their household throughout the Children’s Service

  • There is a maximum limit of 2 children per adult

  • You and your children will be seated at a table, 2m away from other members

  • Parents are responsible to ensure their children do not leave their seat (we ask parents to use their own judgement as to whether their child will be able to sit for the service before booking)

  • There will be no Kiddush and food/drink cannot be consumed on site

  • Unfortunately, it will not be possible to stay, or to attend a main service

Bookings will open on the Sunday prior to the Shabbat service via



CRP Process


When applying to a Jewish school or nursery under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, you will need to have completed a CRP form. A copy must be sent directly to the school or nursery together with relevant supporting documents and the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Please check the admissions pages of the school you are applying for.


The process has been updated this year in light of the pandemic and all details regarding what is required can be found on the US website FAQ’s and the accompanying information film on Here you will find details about how to collect points from shul attendance and online kabbalat services amongst other available options.


To collect points from attendance at Woodside Park Synagogue services, firstly, please click on the following link and self-register on the US CRP online system:


You will then need to register to attend each of our Children’s Services, details above. Unfortunately due to Covid-related restrictions, we can only house limited numbers each week and must insist that a parent or guardian attends and sits with their child.



We look forward to welcoming you back to shul!

WPS Youth Services

We are delighted to confirm that WPS Youth Services will be starting up again from this Shabbat, 13th March. 

Please register to attend via - we've set up bookings for all Shabbatot between now and 16th January and will let you know prior to each Shabbat if you have a seat.

All services will be full Shabbat services including Shacharit (from Shochen Ad) and Musaf, leining, prayers for the Queen and Israel and Divrei Torah. You are welcome to book one week, some weeks or every week. While seats are limited, due to social distancing rules, we hope to be able to give everyone a seat for each Shabbat they wish to attend. In the exceptional weeks where we are oversubscribed, we will allocate seats fairly. 


Services will take place in the first floor of the Community Centre and be from 10am to 12 noon. Please attend at the start time, especially boys as we need a minyan to start. Please bring your own siddur if you have one; we will not have any to give you.


Please note that face coverings must be worn at all times while on the premises so you must bring your own mask. Please also bring your own tissues to shul in case you need to cough or sneeze; please take any used tissues away with you. It should also be noted that we will need to keep the windows and doors open for ventilation purposes and therefore the room temperature may feel cold.  Therefore you may wish to wear warm clothing should the weather be inclement.


If you or anyone you have been in contact with show any symptoms of Coronavirus or are in self-isolation or quarantine you must not attend. If you can, please email to inform us. It is important that you read the Covid Guidelines  Please click here  for Attending Youth Services, including the final paragraph in bold.


We look forward to seeing you in shul!


With best wishes,


Louis Rhodes and Daniel Ross

Shabbat Youth Directors

Woodside Park United Synagogue

Bnei Akiva - We are Back !!!

Dear all, 

We hope that you are all well,

We have finally made it back to Shul and BA will be starting in person along with strict COVID guidelines this week.

This means that we are limited to numbers so we need you to sign up as soon as possible to ensure that we are able to accommodate you.


Sign up: 


Secondly, we would like to remind you of how BA will be working over this year. This year because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) a link will be sent out each week asking for you to sign your child/ren up so that we can keep a record of who comes and if G-d forbid someone does catch or starts to show symptoms of COVID-19 then we can let Bnei Akiva know who will pass on the information to track and trace. bnei Akiva will then notify you if you are required to self isolate. we have also attached the COVID-19 guidelines which have been created by the Mazkirut of Bnei Akiva in accordance with the government's guidelines


Thirdly, attached to this email is the Sviva medical form. even if you filled one out last year please can you re-do for this year. 

Medical form:



Sign up: 

Please feel free to ask us any questions

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you

Simon and Robert

Anim Zemirot Squad

Boys and Girls in Y2 - 6 !!!

Do you want to learn Anim Zemirot

A new tailor made squad will be starting soon on Sunday Mornings (time tbc)

Sign up by Tuesday 6th April !!

Sign up @

For more details contact

Daniel or Louis

Anim Zemirot Squad 2021.jpeg
Ethics Squad Presents:

The Impact of COVID 19 Around the World

A chance to hear from special guests from Paris and Israel about how the pandemic has affected the.

Date: Sunday 26 July 2020
Time: 5pm

About the Ethics Squad

Woodside Park Synagogue Squads is a squad for all year 12 students. Ethics Squad will feature inspirational discussions on current affairs subjects relevant to youth today from a Jewish perspective. Led by Jonathan Cantor, this promises to be a thought provoking and fun series. 

ethics squad missed university open days
Smart Squad
Year 8 Girls and Boys,

Due to COVID 19 Smart Squad is

not taking place at this time

Hi to all Year 8 Girls and Boys, Uncle Albert here, Smart Squad 2020 starts on shabbat 8th February and you are personally invited.“Smart”kids get ahead, so get wise and join up now.

I used to think the world was flat and the moon was made of cheese. Then I went to Smart Squad in my home town of Munich and whilst scooting home from shul worked out that E=mc2 and after Shabbat wrote down the General Theory of Relativity whilst watching Match of Ze Day and checking facebook.

Smart Squad will look at basic beliefs, with lab sessions including Science + the Bible, Existence of God, Origin of the Torah, Christianity, Why Pray?, and much, much more.

Unlike recent Squads taken by the Squadfather, we now have some top Nobel scientists to help. The first session, starting at 9.55am until 10.30 am, shabbat 8th February is “the Jewish Role in the World”and will be run by our very own Rabbi Akiva. Top Floor, Wiseman Linden building.

Future scientific talks will be given by Danny the Squadfather, Oxbridge graduate Ben Miller, Rabbi Akiva, Jacob+Lior+Ari, Andrea Passe, Richard Pinnick and other top brains.

Sessions will start with plenty of radioactive food and will be relatively funny. They will happen about every three weeks at 9.55am. Full list of dates out soon.

And all this at NO COST to you – out of this world eh?

Come join us on 8th February and try it out – no commitment but plenty of fresh croissants!

Any questions please contact Danny Wolinsky

Hochmah Squad
for Year 9 & 10 parents and kids:


Due to COVID 19 Hochmah Squad is

not taking place at this time

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Hochmah squad for Year 9 & 10.


What’s it about?  Hochmah means wisdom so it’s about anything Jewish and thought-provoking.  Likely topics will include:


  • What is Reform and Conservative Judiasm about?

  • Should we treat men and women differently?

  • Why pray?

  • Who wrote the Torah?

  • Should we welcome refugees or send them away

  • What makes a good (or bad) leader?


We’ll  be pulling in experts from across the community to address these topics just for you.  And you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you get straight answers!   All served up with the usual squad nosh.


Who can come?  


Anyone in year 9 and 10.  Yes, anyone…..we’re including girls (well, it is about wisdom…..).  Please spread the word.

Davening Squad

Are you interested in learning how to lead a Shabbat service?

A new tailor made squad will be starting soon on Sunday Mornings (time tbc)

Make sure to sign up by Tuesday 6th April !!!


Sign up @

For more details contact

Daniel or Louis

01 Davening Squad 2021.jpeg
The Lego Club

Date: TBC

Time: 10.00 - 10.45

Venue: 1st Floor Wiseman Linden Hall

"Calling all Lego lovers" come along to the Lego club for children

Come and play lego, with special raffle draw and prizes 

Future Dates: 

Saturday: TBC

For more information please contact

Shabbat @ WPS

Festivals @ WPS