Shabbat & Festivals

All services, social activities and educational programmes will be suspended until further notice.

Shabbat Korach
26 / 27 June 2020
04 / 05 Tammuz 5780
Friday 26 June
Candle lighting  7.45pm

Shabbat 27 June
Come & join us at the BBC - Before Brachot Commence - we will be having an in depth look at the Sedra from the perspective of Rashi.
Time: 8.45am - 9.15am in shul
Shabbat morning Service 9.15am

Service Leaders




Anim Zemirot: 


Mincha followed by a Shuir 
Shabbat Ends and Maariv begins 10.28pm

Youth & Children's Services

Toddlers (0 - Nursery): 11-11.45am, Nursery

Intermediates (Reception - Year 2): 10.45-11.45am, Children’s Library 1st floor Wiseman Linden building

Seniors (Years 3 - 6):  10.45-11.45am, Beit Hamidrash 1st floor Wiseman Linden building

Youth Service: 10.45am - 12.00pm, 1st Floor Community Centre. 

Bnei Akiva: next meeting will be TBC. For more information please click here or contact please contact Josh.

The Totteridge Friday Night Minyan

The Totteridge minyan is finished for this season, thank you to all those who have hosted and all those who have come along to support. We restart in April after Pesach next year  

Request for Men to join the Leyning Rota 

To enable greater participation from our members, the wardens would like to invite any men who might be interested in leyning. This could perhaps be their Bar Mitzvah Sedra or they could learn a new one?

Alternatively if you know anyone who would be interested, please could you let the wardens know.

Service buddies

We have a service buddy arrangement at Woodside Park to help with following and understanding the Shabbat service.


This will include finding your place in the siddur on arrival in shul and throughout the service, when to stand and why, in fact anything you would like to know about the workings of the service. We will pair you with a buddy who will sit next to you and help you find your way around. This arrangement will be entirely confidential.


If you interested in this, including acting as a buddy, please contact the shul office by telephone: 020 8445 4236 or email

Tevya Talks

Woodside Park presents a series of Ten talks

Spreading Inspirational and Powerful Ideas

Next Talk

Professor Anthony Warrens

"Organ Donation - a very modern altruism"

Date: Shabbat 28 March 2020

Time: Approx.11.30am

Marsha Gladstone

Delivered the 3rd in

the series of the 10 talks.

To read her talk

"Reflections on my Journey"

Please click here

Our Inspirational speakers

Edwin Shuker - Vice President, Board of Deputies (14 September 2019)

Hilton Nathanson - CEO, Firefly Capital (12 October 2019)

Marsha Gladstone - Chair, Yoni Jesner Foundation

Michael Goldstein - President United Synagogue

Prof. Arkady Rzegocki - The Ambassador of Poland

The Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers MP

Rebbetzen Gila Hackenbroch

Dr Rachel Landau - Clinical Director of Emergency and Urgent Care

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Shelley Gilbert

Smart Squad
Year 8 Girls and Boys,

Hi to all Year 8 Girls and Boys, Uncle Albert here, Smart Squad 2020 starts on shabbat 8th February and you are personally invited.“Smart”kids get ahead, so get wise and join up now.

I used to think the world was flat and the moon was made of cheese. Then I went to Smart Squad in my home town of Munich and whilst scooting home from shul worked out that E=mc2 and after Shabbat wrote down the General Theory of Relativity whilst watching Match of Ze Day and checking facebook.

Smart Squad will look at basic beliefs, with lab sessions including Science + the Bible, Existence of God, Origin of the Torah, Christianity, Why Pray?, and much, much more.

Unlike recent Squads taken by the Squadfather, we now have some top Nobel scientists to help. The first session, starting at 9.55am until 10.30 am, shabbat 8th February is “the Jewish Role in the World”and will be run by our very own Rabbi Akiva. Top Floor, Wiseman Linden building.

Future scientific talks will be given by Danny the Squadfather, Oxbridge graduate Ben Miller, Rabbi Akiva, Jacob+Lior+Ari, Andrea Passe, Richard Pinnick and other top brains.

Sessions will start with plenty of radioactive food and will be relatively funny. They will happen about every three weeks at 9.55am. Full list of dates out soon.

And all this at NO COST to you – out of this world eh?

Come join us on 8th February and try it out – no commitment but plenty of fresh croissants!

Any questions please contact Danny Wolinsky

Hochmah Squad
for Year 9 & 10 parents and kids:


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Hochmah squad for Year 9 & 10.


What’s it about?  Hochmah means wisdom so it’s about anything Jewish and thought-provoking.  Likely topics will include:


  • What is Reform and Conservative Judiasm about?

  • Should we treat men and women differently?

  • Why pray?

  • Who wrote the Torah?

  • Should we welcome refugees or send them away

  • What makes a good (or bad) leader?


We’ll  be pulling in experts from across the community to address these topics just for you.  And you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you get straight answers!   All served up with the usual squad nosh.


Who can come?  


Anyone in year 9 and 10.  Yes, anyone…..we’re including girls (well, it is about wisdom…..).  Please spread the word.

(Girls and Boys are all invited)
Ethics Squad 

Date: 07 June


Zoom screen shot of a Ethics Squad session on the 07 June. We had a panel of six Woodside Park members who are in their first or second year’s at University. They gave insights on different aspects of University life (living arrangements; Jewish scene; social life etc.) and answered questions from a group of students in year 12 for whom I have been doing Ethics Squad for the past 18 months. This was very important for these students as they will not have a chance to visit universities for open days.


This is the third zoom session we have held during lockdown. 


We have had other sessions on:


  • the Jewish response to Covid-19 and how to cope with remote learning and 

  • also an interactive quiz.

About the Ethics Squad

Woodside Park Synagogue Squads is a squad for all year 12 students. Ethics Squad will feature inspirational discussions on current affairs subjects relevant to youth today from a Jewish perspective. Led by Jonathan Cantor, this promises to be a thought provoking and fun series. 

The Lego Club

Date: TBC

Time: 10.00 - 10.45

Venue: 1st Floor Wiseman Linden Hall

"Calling all Lego lovers" come along to the Lego club for children

Come and play lego, with special raffle draw and prizes 

Future Dates: 

Saturday: TBC

For more information please contact

Shabbat @ WPS

Shabbat Times
View the Shabbat Times in London. This takes you to the United Synagogue site.
Young US ages 21 - 39
WORKING 24/6 Karen and Andrew Harris, share their secrets to getting the work life balance right, and the role judaism has played in their success.
Shabbat UK 2021
Save the Date: The next Shabbat UK will take place on 05 / 06 February 2021
Call Up Priorities
In agreement with the Rabbi, the wardens will allocate call ups on shabbos and yom tov according to the following priorities.
Davening Guidelines
Community Guidelines for PD, Shacharit & Mussaf Services on Shabbat and Yom Tov
Parasha Insights
by Rabbi Hackenbroch Vayishlach, Vayeishev, Miketz, Terumah, Vayikra, Korach, Pinchas, Massei, Shoftim, Ki Teitzei,
Batmitzvah Dvar Torah
Read the D'var Torahs from our batmitzvah girls
Shabbat Traditions
The Y behind the traditions by Rabbi Hackenbroch Friday Night in Shul and Shabbat Preparations
Children & Youth Services
We have thriving children's services covering all age groups: Toddlers, 0-4 years old Intermediates 5-7 years old Children 8-12 years old and Youth Services
Bnei Akiva
Woodside Park Bnei Akiva runs weekly meetings in the shul every Shabbat afternoon
Hochmah Squad
for parents and children (boys and girls) in Years 9 & 10 Hochmah means wisdom so it’s about anything Jewish and thought-provoking.
Boys Squads
Details of the Shabbat morning squads for boys, Anim Zemirot Squad, Leining Squad and Tefillah Squad
Torah Dash
Seudah in the Popular Torah Dash Format, each speaker will pit their wits against the egg-timer, they will have exactly 3 minutes
WPS Shul Shabbat Guide
WPS Shul Shabbat Guide can be downloaded from the website
Yavneh Nursery Shabbat
Caters for children from 2 to 5 years of age in a caring and nuturing environment
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Festivals @ WPS

Rosh Hashannah
begins in the evening of
Friday, 18 September 2020 at 6.54pm
and ends in the evening of
Sunday, 20 September 2020 at 7.53pm
Yom Kippur
begins in the evening of
Sunday, 27 September 2020 at 6.33pm
and ends in the evening of
Monday, 28 September 2020 at 7.32pm
begins in the evening of
Friday, 02 October 2020 at 6.22pm
and ends in the evening of
Saturday, 10 October 2020 at 7.05pm
Simchat Torah
begins in the evening of
Saturday, 10 October 2020 at 7.05pm
and ends in the evening of
Tuesday, 11 Sunday 2019 at 7.03pm
begins in the evening of
Sunday, December 22 2019
and ends in the evening of
Monday, December 30 2019
Tu B'Shevat
begins in the evening of
Sunday, 09 February 2020
and ends in the evening of
Monday, 10 February 2020
begins in the evening of
Monday, 09 March
2020 and ends in the evening of
Tuesday, 10 March 2020
begins in the evening of
Wednesday, 08 April 2020
and ends in the evening of
Thursday, 16 April 2020
Yom HaShoah
begins in the evening of
Monday, 20 April 2020
and ends in the evening of
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
Yom Hazikaron
begins in the evening of
Monday 27 April 2020
and ends in the evening of
Tuesday 28 April 2020
Yom Ha'atzmaut
begins in the evening of
Tuesday 28 April 2020
and ends in the evening of
Wednesday 29 April 2020
Lag B'Omer
begins in the evening of
Monday 11 May 2020
and ends in the evening of
Tuesday 12 May 2020
Yom Yerushalayim
begins in the evening
Thursday 21 May 2020
and end in the evening of
Friday 22 May 2020
begins in the evening of
Thursday 28 May 2020 at 8.49pm
and ends in the evening of
Saturday 30 May 2020
Tisha B'Av
begins in the evening of
Wednesday, 29 July 2020 at 8.53pm
and ends in the evening of
Thursday, 30 July 2020 at 9.43pm
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