School Admissions

Coronavirus Update for CRP for School Admissions for 2022 / 2023 


When applying to a Jewish school or nursery under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, you will need to have completed a CRP form. A copy must be sent directly to the school or nursery together with relevant supporting documents and the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Please check the admissions pages of the school you are applying for.


The process has been updated this year in light of the pandemic and all details regarding what is required can be found on the US website FAQ’s and the accompanying information film on Here you will find details about how to collect points from shul attendance and online kabbalat services amongst other available options.


To collect points from attendance at Woodside Park Synagogue services, firstly, please click on the following link and self-register on the US CRP online system:

Unfortunately due to Covid-related restrictions, we can only house limited numbers each week and must insist that a parent or guardian attends and sits with their child.

Shabbat Children’s Services on the first floor of the Wiseman Linden Building from 10.45-11.30am as follows:

Children’s Services for years 1-6 on the first floor of the Wiseman Linden Building from 10.45-11.30am EVERY Shabbat:

Toddler's Service for Pre-School, School Nursery and Reception aged children in the Woodside Gan Nursery from 10.45-11.30am EVERY Shabbat:

Please click here to review our Guidelines for Attending Children’s Services and note in particular:

  • Face coverings must be worn by anyone over the age of 11 at all times while on the premises

  • Only those booked to attend the Children’s Service will be admitted

  • All children must sit with an adult from their household throughout the Children’s Service

  • There is a maximum limit of 2 children per adult

  • You and your children will be seated at a table, 2m away from other members

  • Parents are responsible to ensure their children do not leave their seat (we ask parents to use their own judgement as to whether their child will be able to sit for the service before booking)

  • Unfortunately, it will not be possible to attend a main service​


Everything you need to know this year

available to watch on

Full details can be found at 

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Join us for a six- part online series exploring a variety of

Jewish Topics

Apply directly to Tribe: parents-and-children/

Start Date: Wednesday, 13th October 2021

Join us for a 6 part online series exploring a variety of Jewish topics. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and you must watch all 6 to qualify for your points in section 2 of the form.

This course can either be watched by the parent or the child. If applying for 6th form, it should be the child that watches these sessions.

  • The Jewish calendar: Learn about the unique sequence of Shabbat and the Chagim in the Jewish calendar and join us for a fascinating journey celebrating Jewish history. 


  • 10/613: There are 613 Mitzvot in the Torah. Learn about Kashrut and how the 10 Commandments are differentiated. 


  • Creation and Recreation: Learn the exciting story of creation and discover the impact of creation on our lives.


  • The brotherhood crisis: From Cain and Abel to Joseph and the Tribes. What can siblings learn from Bereshit?


  • Journeys: The Journey to Eretz Yisrael is an overarching theme in the Torah. Have we finally arrived.


  • I didn’t mean it: Does intention (Kavanah) count in Judaism?