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Coronavirus Update for CRP for School Admissions for 2021 / 2020 
Dated 29 July 2020

Applicants to Jewish schools normally have the period of May to October (for secondary entry) and May to January (for nursery and primary entry) to demonstrate Jewish religious practice via the Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form, as part of admissions entry documentation. Attendance at Synagogue is an integral part of this process however this has unfortunately not been possible due to the Covid-19 restrictions.  Therefore an interim arrangement for the completion of the current CRP has now been agreed for 2021-22 school admission applications.


Please contact the schools to which you will be applying in order to obtain the CRP form for completion.  Please note that these are not available from the Synagogue office.


For information, the following changes have been made to the CRP process for this year only:


1.      Families who have previously gone through the CRP process for a sibling already at the school for which an application is being made will not need to complete a new CRP.


2.      Attendance at online services (i.e. Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night services) is allowed rather than needing to physically attend synagogue, as previously has been the case. These attendances are achieved by self-declaration within the CRP Form.


3.      Extra time has been allowed to complete CRP requirements e.g. in the sections relating to online services, volunteering, and Jewish education.


4.      A new United Synagogue Jewish online education course option has been set up in order to provide an extra opportunity to collect the required number of points for those who might have difficulty accumulating points for the CRP in other ways. This course has been specifically designed for admission to schools whose religious authority is the United Synagogue or Office of the Chief Rabbi for September 2021 only.  The course will consist of 6 sessions of 30 minutes, covering topics relevant to Jewish customs and practices, festivals, kashrut, etc. All 6 sessions will need to be completed in order to satisfy this section of the CRP form. Courses will run in August and September 2020 and you can find out further information and book via 


Please also visit for the Frequently Asked Questions page about the interim CRP system.


Everything you need to know this year

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DATE: 13 August

Time: 7.00pm


Join us for a six- part online series exploring a variety of

Jewish Topics

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All sessions will be via zoom -

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Are your children applying for Jewish Schools in Autumn 2019 for entrance in September 2020? The information below will explain the process of registration for and collection of ‘CRP Points’ and also includes important information regarding the supervision of children in services.


Registration & Collecting Points


1.    Registration for CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice) points is done online via

CRP for Nursery and Primary School Applications:


CRP for Secondary School Applications:


Any queries, please contact Ruth Starr at or by phone on 020 8445 4236. 


2.    Please ensure that you have registered by 10am on the Wednesday before the firstShabbat you wish your child/ren to attend. If you register after Wednesday, the card may not be set up until the following week. You only need to register once, before your first visit. 

For Secondary School applications, please note the requirement under ‘Supervision of Children in Services’ below for a parent/carer to select 2 dates that they are willing to supervise the Senior Children’s services prior to a card being issued.


3.    Attendance can be recorded at Shabbat services only from 4 May 2019 to 11 January 2020 and not on High Holy Days or Friday Night services.  

4.    Our procedure for 2019/20 is to provide one card per child with the date stamped on the back of the card for each attendance.

5.    Each Shabbat, please come to the shul foyer with your child/ren between 10.30-11am. A member of the Young Families committee will welcome you and give you your registration card in your child/ren’s name.

6.    We run the following age appropriate services for your child:

* Toddlers’ service11am, Nursery, Community Centre
* Intermediate children’s service10.50am, 1st floor, Wiseman Linden Building
* Senior children’s service10.45am 1st floor, Wiseman Linden Building

The cards will be collected by the service leader at the end of each service. 
If your child wishes to stay in the main service, then please hand in your card to the Chair of the shul.

7.    Please note that the shul reserves the right not to record attendance for children that do not attend the entire children’s service or who disrupt services (notwithstanding children with special needs).


8.    If you are visiting another Synagogue, please contact the other synagogue in advance for details of their procedure. You can then ask them to confirm attendance to Ruth Starr so that your card can be updated for that week.

9.    Once you have collected enough points, please email Ruth Starr the details of the school/s you are applying for. She will email back letters for each school that confirm attendance at Synagogue and that can be printed out and submitted with your application.  You do not need to bring the CRP forms into the office to be signed.

10. If you have any questions about how to acquire points or your eligibility to apply for a school then you must approach the schools admissions department directly. The shul is not in a position to advise you re filling in your form/s or how best to obtain additional points.

11. To be fair to all participants we are unable to make exceptions to the rules and procedures outlined above.



Supervision of Children in Services


Significant time and energy is invested by both professional and volunteer leaders to provide services that are enjoyable and educational for our children. In addition to the person running each service, United Synagogue safeguarding policies require that a second adult must be present at all times during each service.


For children attending our Toddlers and Intermediates services this poses no issues, as the children are too young to attend alone, so are accompanied by a parent/carer. However in the case of the Senior Children’s service (attended by children applying for places in secondary schools), while the shul pays a professional youth leader to run this weekly service, a rota of parents is required to ensure a second adult is present each week.


As such, in order to register to collect CRP Points for applications to secondary schools, the shul will require a parent / carer of each child to commit to attend 2 services (between May 2019 and January 2020). The responsibilities are minimal – simply remain in the service as an observer at all times and where necessary encourage children to listen and participate. Dates are issued on a ‘first come - first served’ basis. This may mean that you will need act as the ‘2ndadult’ after your child has completed the CRP process, however we ask that you all commit to do this to support the running of this important activity for our community – without volunteers this would not be possible. 


If you have a child who will be applying for secondary school, please go online at select at least 2 dates that you are willing to supervise the Senior Children’s service. A card for collection of points will not be issued until a parent/carer has selected 2 dates.


Responsibility for your child while on the Shul Campus


Please note that while the service leaders dedicate a huge amount of time and effort to preparing and delivering exciting and engaging children’s services, they cannot prevent children from leaving the service if they wish to, and can only take responsibility for children while they remain in the service. In addition, services can end at different times each week depending on the time that the main service in the shul ends. Therefore, we would like to remind parents that they must remain on the campus at all times when their child is attending a children’s service.


We aim to make the shul as welcoming an environment as possible for both you and your children. If you have any feedback or suggestions to help us achieve this, we would love to hear from you.

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