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School Admissions

CRP for School Admissions for 2024 / 2025 


When applying to a Jewish school or nursery under the religious authority of the Office of the Chief Rabbi, you will need to have completed a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form. This is done by collecting points, which can be obtained (in person) through various community-related activities, including synagogue attendance on Shabbat.  


You then send a copy of the completed CRP form directly to your chosen school or nursery, together with relevant supporting documents and the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Please check the admissions pages of the school(s) in question for their specific requirements. 


CRP points are needed for nursery, primary school, secondary school and sixth form entry (ie if your child will be transferring to a different secondary school for the sixth form).


Visit for full information, including Frequently Asked Questions.   


How to register for CRP through the United Synagogue

Complete the registration form here:


Once you have registered, the synagogue office will create a card with your child’s name on, which will be placed in the relevant service so that their attendance can be verified each time. 


You can collect points for attendance on Friday nights or Shabbat mornings, but please note you cannot collect points for both a Friday night and a Shabbat morning on the same weekend. 


When is the earliest date for collecting CRP points by attending Shabbat services at Woodside Park Synagogue?

Friday 21st / Shabbat 22nd April 2023


Which is the last Shabbat for collecting CRP points? 

Shabbat 6th January 2024


What time are synagogue services? 

Check every week for details of service times. 


If you have any queries, please email Rosalind Zeffertt at

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