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Weekly Programme of Prayer at WPS
Mishnah in the Morning
with Rabbi Hackenbroch

Every Monday to Friday at 9am

Get your day off to a flying start 15 action packed minutes Learn and Pray for those with Covid and recite memorial prayer Live on the Woodside Park Shul Facebook page 

and YouTube channel.


We are delighted to announce that, given the increasing number of members who wish to attend Shabbat services, we have recognised a need to run two parallel services every Shabbat morning, when there is not a simcha taking place in the shul. 


This will create additional capacity with the Synagogue starting at 9.15am, starting with Pesukei Dezimra.  At 9.45am, the service in the Wiseman Linden Hall will commence, with Pesukei Dezimra to be davened at home.


We will continue to offer services in both venues under current 2m distancing rules and ask attendees to adhere to our strict guidelines for attending services which includes wearing a face mask while on the premises. The time difference will allow the Synagogue service to conclude with enough time for attendees to leave the campus and disperse before the service in the Hall ends.  


You must pre-book to attend Shabbat services. If you haven’t already registered to attend Shabbat Services, please do so by clicking here. We have already been in touch with those who have previously registered but if you have any queries, please email


We look forward to welcoming all our members who wish to attend Shabbat Services.

All Maariv Services services Sunday to Thursday can be viewed on line on Zoom at 7.30pm

To join the evening services via zoom 

Please click the following link

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371​

For the Password please contact the Office

Shabbat Acharei-Kedoshim
23 / 24 April
12 / 13 Iyar
Friday 23 April
Shabbat begins at 7.30pm
Saturday 24 April
Shabbat Ends at 9.04pm

Friday 24 April at 2.30pm

Online Toddlers Service with Natalie

Kabbalat Shabbat - Fridays

Join Rabbi Hackenbroch on Friday at the new time of 4pm together with Chazan David Berman for an inspirational and uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat Service 

Please click here for details

Havdallah Every Saturday night

Approx. 15 mins after Shabbat Ends

via Zoom Meeting at

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371​

For the Password please contact the Office

Bnei Akiva

Escape Room - Sunday 14 March at 6.30pm

Please join us for inter-viva competition


Please click here to learn more and sign up

by 6 April for 

Anim Zemirot Squad for Boys and Girls Y2 - 6

Davening Squad - learn how to lead a Shabbat Service

To download your own copy of the Corona Kaddish Substitute 

Please click here or on the Document below.

Anim Zemirot Squad

Boys and Girls in Y2 - 6 !!!

Do you want to learn Anim Zemirot

A new tailor made squad will be starting soon on Sunday Mornings (time tbc)

Sign up by Tuesday 6th April !!

Sign up @

For more details contact

Daniel or Louis

Davening Squad

Are you interested in learning how to lead a Shabbat service?

A new tailor made squad will be starting soon on Sunday Mornings (time tbc)

Make sure to sign up by Tuesday 6th April !!!


Sign up @

For more details contact

Daniel or Louis

Kabbalat Shabbat

Join Rabbi Hackenbroch together with Chazan David Berman

for an inspirational and uplifting Kabbalat Shabbat Service

Next Date: Fridays 

Time: 4pm 

Please join via Zoom

Zoom ID: 661 975 7371

Please contact the Office for the Password

Evening of Sunday 16 May - Tuesday 18 May

For details of Festival Times - please click here


Please Join Rabbi Hackenbroch for an online Zoom Yizkor Service

Sunday 16 May @ 5pm

Please join via Zoom

Zoom ID: 661 975 7371

Please contact the Office for the Password

The Women and Girls of the WPS Community are invited to ZOOM along

Please join us at our Zoom

Womens' Megillah Ruth Readding @ 7.40pm 

including explanations by Gila

Followed by the 

Ladies' Tikkun on Rosh Chodesh @ 8.15pm

Date: Wednesday 12 May

Please click on the link below to join the meeting

(or copy and paste into your URL) 

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 834 5898 2721

For more information on the individual events including the readers & speakers please see separate flyers

The Wider Community

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm

US Lunch and Learn with Pnina Savery and Rabbi Cobi Ebrahimoff 

The Omer:
Counting Each day
and Making Each Day Count

​Shuir given by Talia Goodkin

Date : Sunday 18 April

Time 7.30pm

Please Join Our Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID 560 848 4654

Telling Tales Out of Shul

'The Lady with the Lamp:
The Florence Nightingale Story'​
With Guest Speaker
Paul Whittle

Wednesday 11th May

Time: 3.30pm

The long life and achievements of a truly remarkable Victorian lady, recognised as the founder of professional nursing. The people and places associated with her, and a look at the Crimea of today, out of reach to western visitors since the Russian annexation.

Join via a Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 838 2584 2232

NEXT MEETING : 3.30pm Tuesday 8th June ‘This week in Days Gone By ' with guest speaker Julian Romain

For further details please please click here  to email Brenda

Join Rabbi and Gila Hackenbroch
in Conversation with
Jimmy Gittins

Date : Monday 19 April

Time 8pm

The Jimmy Gittins Story


From Rugby League Player to suffering a near fatal injury

How it changed his life forever


Live on the Woodside Park Shul Facebook page and YouTube channel.

'Zoom Cafe Hillel V Shammai' 

Next Session

'Lag B'Omer & the Plagues' 

Introduced by Andrew Harris in Zechus of Rus Bat Leib

Next Date : Sunday 25 April

Time 10.00am Breakfast and Debate


Join via Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 846 0012 0510

For further details please contact Brian Harris to discuss

on 07810 233230 or email

Mishnah in the Morning
with Rabbi Hackenbroch
9am every Monday to Friday
Please note the change of time

Venue Woodside Park Facebook Page  and WPS Shul You Tube Channel​

1. Learn a Mishnah in a day

Learning is the bedrock of our Jewish Faith, and connects us together, especially at times like these. Learning can also be done in the merit of a loved one who has passed away, as the word 'Mishnah' has the same letters as the word for soul - 'neshama' and therefore is appropriate thing to do in place of saying kaddish.

2. Recite Psalm 23 in English

The psalm is about trust and faith in God to lead & guide us in difficult times where the road is dark an dobsurred. Saying this together is a powerful way of affirming our trust in God situations beyond our control.

3. Join the Misheberach

Praying for healing for this in our community and beyond

Join Rabbi Hackenbroch for ....
Lunch and Shmooze

Day: Tuesdays 

Please Note there will be no session on Tuesday 30 March

Time: 12.15pm

Join via Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 661 975 7371

For the Password please contact the Office

A Burst of Inspiration on the Parsha

Day: Thursday Evenings 

Time: 8.30pm

Live on the Woodside Park Shul Facebook page and YouTube channel.

You can catch up on either of these channels after the live event.

'Onlin Friday Toddlers Service'
with Natalie

Next Date : Friday 16 April

Time : at 2.30pm

Join via

Meeting ID: 518 787 0039

Woodside Park BA
Inter-Sviva Competition
Escape Room

Date: Sunday 14 March

Time: 6.30pm

Just to explain to you that this weeks activity is inter-sviva. this means that we will be competing with other sviva's across the country in this escape room 



Looking forward to seeing you there and more details to follow

Simon and Robert

Roshim 5781

WPS Cares presents
Classical / Popular Music Appreciation Group

Next Session 

Wednesday 28 April

Time: 3pm

Composers, music & inspiration

Future Sessions : 26 May, 30 June

For further details and to receive the Zoom link please please click here 

to email Brenda


Please see the list of Kosher establishments, supermarkets, butchers and restaurants offering delivery to the Woodside Park area. 

Updated 4 May 2020


Please note that some of these services may only be available during these unique times and until life returns 'to normal'.


Please note that it is  the Shul's policy not to advertise any businesses, however, in the current situation, we feel we want to do everything we can to provide for the needs of our community.

To download the list please either click here or on the document below

Physical Excercise with Purpose

Date: Every Sunday and Wednesday Morning

Time 10.30am

Join via Zoom ID

862 767 525 81

For details of the password please contact Abi 


What's on at Tribe
For more information go to the
Tribe Facebook Page

The Tribe Weekly Newsletter

Will hit your box every Friday Morning with games and seder highlights plus the Tribe Scribe or it can be downloaded from our website HERE 

On Sunday 14th May our weekly Sunday am Tribe Time begins at 11am. It’s a power hour of Jewish Education and Skills for Children in Primary Schools so make sure to join us. 

Email for zoom access codes

Online in the Wider Community
Lunch and Learn with Pnina Savery  

Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 1pm

'Whistle-stop Tour through Tanach - Trei Asar'

Have you ever wondered what Trei Asar (Twelve Minor Prophets) is all about? Who are these Prophets that feature so often in the Haftorah for Shabbat and festivals? 

Join us on a whistle-stop tour through these significant books of Tanach, spanning from the First Temple period to its destruction and the eventual rebuilding of the Second Temple. We will study one book every session, understanding their historical context and main message to both their generation, and to us today. 


The source sheet can be downloaded from

Explore the Parasha with the US

Date: Thursdays

Time: 1pm

Want to appreciate the deeper meaning of the weekly Torah portion? Looking for a nice Dvar Torah to share at the Shabbat table? Join us as we delve into the weekly Parasha with a variety of guest speakers. This week are joined by Rabbi Daniel Fine. The source sheet can be downloaded from

Join via US TV

Join Via US Facebook Live

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