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begins in the evening of Monday, 22 April 2024

and ends in the evening of Tuesday, 30 April 2024


PESACH 5784/2024
Sunday 21 April

Mincha followed by Ma'ariv 7.30pm
Bedikat Chametz (search for Chametz) after nightfall, as from 8.56pm

Monday 22 April - Erev Pesach
Ta'anit Bechorim (Fast of the Firstborn)

Shacharit followed by Siyum 7.00am

Hafsaka (time after which Chametz must not be eaten) 10.36am

Communal burning at WPS 11.00am

Biur Chametz - remaining Chametz must be burned by 11.48am
Mincha and Ma'ariv 7.30pm

Yom Tov begins and candle must be lit before 7.54pm

The Seder should not be started before 8.54pm


Tuesday 23 April - 1st Day Pesach 

Shacharit, including Tefilat Tal (Prayer for Dew) 9.30am
Mincha followed by Ma’ariv 7.30pm
Preparations for the Second Seder should not be started

before 9.02pm

Yom Tov candles lit from a pre exisiting flame after 9.02pm
Begin counting of the Omer during the Second Seder


Wednesday 24 April - 2nd day of Pesach

Shacharit 9.30pm
Mincha followed by Ma’ariv 7.30pm

Shabbat candles must be lit from a pre-existing flame before

Yom Tov ends 9.04pm

Thursday 25 April - Chol Hamoed

Shacharit 7.00am 

Mincha followed by Ma'ariv 7.30pm


Friday 26 April - Chol Hamoed

Shacharit 7.00am 

Mincha followed by Ma'ariv 7.30pm

Shabbat Candles must be lit before 8.01pm

Shabbat 27 April - Chol Hamoed

Shacharit including Shir HaShirim / Song of Songs 9.00am 

Mincha 8.10pm

Shabbat Ends and Ma'ariv begins 9.10pm

Sunday 28 April - Erev Yom Tov

Shacharit 8.30am
Mincha followed by Ma'ariv 7.30pm

Yom Tov candles must be lit before 8.04pm

Monday 29 April - Seventh day of Pesach

Shacharit, 9.15am

Mincha followed by Ma'ariv 7.30pm
Yom Tov candles must be lit from a pre-existing flame but not until after 9.14pm 

Tuesday 30 April - Eighth day of Pesach

Shacharit, including Yizkor 9.15am

Mincha followed by a Shiur 8.15pm
Yom Tov ends and Ma'ariv begins 9.15pm


Selling Chometz

Please click here to complete the online form

For those without internet access, the online form can be completed by a friend or relative on their behalf


You can also click on the image for a hard copy of the form for printing or request one from the shul office


Please return your forms no later than Thursday 18 April 

To download the Timings for Pesach 2024
please click here

As in previous years, Barnet Council are arranging additional refuse collections in designated roads as listed below. For those with a Monday collection or those not on a designated road, an additional collection can be arranged by emailing or calling 020 8359 4600 before 4pm on 18 April



Please click here for Barnet Council's full Chometz collection arrangements



The council will do all it can to ensure this service is delivered as set out in the leaflet. If any changes become necessary, they will make details available at

Burning Chometz 

Please click on the link below

For information on 

Pesach product 2023

Pesach Timings

Sale of Chametz

Pesach Explained

Pesach Recipies

Seder Night

Pesach FAQ

To check if a food item is Kosher For Passover please click on

Those who do not have internet can request information to be posted to them from our office free of charge by calling

020 8343 6248 (leave a message on answerphone). 

Remember at our Seders – We are “One Family, One People”
by Rabbi Hackenbroch 

It has been a bitter sweet week, we have had the joy of welcoming home our eldest son Joseph from Israel and once again, even if it is just for Pesach, being reunited as a family. But that joy was overshadowed by the sad news this week that Israel had recovered the body of Zachary Baumel.

Zechariah Baumel, also known as Zachary Baumel, was an American-Israeli soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.

He had been in a Hesder programme which combines army service with Yeshiva study, in fact he attended

some years before me the same Yeshiva.  During the Battle of Sultan Yacoub in Lebanon on June 12, 1982,

his unit was attacked and he and five other comrades were declared missing. One had been killed and was buried

in Syria, and two were located alive in Syria and returned to Israel a few years later. But Baumel, Yehuda Katz,

and Zvi Feldman were unaccounted for over many decades. 

In 1992 I was spending my first year in yeshiva in Gush and we were introduced to some very special guests -

Zachary’s parents, Yona and Miriam Baumel, who shared Zachary’s story and the fact that their life mission

was to ensure that the Government and the Army did not give up on their promise of  bringing their son home. 

I will never forget the impromptu speech that Zachary’s father Yona gave.  Naturally they longed to be reunited

and to hug their son once again. During his speech he sighed heavily - his son had been missing in action for

a decade and breaking down in tears he said that  if Zachary was no longer alive then their fervent wish was

for their son to be returned to Israel so they could lay him to rest and say Kaddish 

Sadly in 2009 Yona Baumel passed away, without witnessing the return of his son. His mission had been to keep his case in the public eye, traveling around the world to uncover leads to confirm or deny the persistent rumours that his son was still alive, 

This week, after 37 years of longing for her son, the army knocked on the door of the 90 year old  

Mrs Miriam Baumel and told her that her son was at long last coming home, but not in the way

that she and the country had hoped. 

It is heart wrenching to think about Miriam Baumel others like her, that the life she knew simply ended

the day her son went missing in war.


When the Jewish people left Egypt after 210 years of slavery, it was Moshe our leader, who refused

to sleep until he had recovered the remains of Joseph. Joseph had asked his family to promise

before his death that they would ensure he would eventually accompany his descendants,

to be laid to rest in Israel.


Even today, every Jew is a precious part of the Jewish story and the Jewish family. Like Joseph we share an unbreakable bond. Our family will never leave one of us behind. Wherever we are we know that we are not alone but as Jews, our people will be there to support us. This is something of which we should be immensely proud. 


Sometimes we approach the Seder with anxiety and apprehension.  For some,

spending time with family members with whom we have unresolved issues and

irritations causes tension. This year take a good look around your Seder table.

We may be different, but we are one family we are one people.


Chag Kasher V’Sameach


Rabbi Hackenbroch

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