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Poems for a Pandemic
One of our members Paul Cainer has set up a website where the aim is to publish (with your permission) rhymes or poems that are whimsical, witty or inspirational.
Marsha Gladstone
Chair of the Yoni Jesner Foundation delivered the 3rd in a series of 10 Tevya Talks - "Reflections on my Journey"
Theatre Reviews
by Hazel Kyte
WPS 1945 - 1947
Alexander Grove Shul:Recollections of membership of North Finchley and WPS 1943 - 1947
Windermere: The Boys
Ausch to Ambleside: After the end of World War Two the Home Office gave permission for one thousand child survivors from concentration camps to be brought to the U.K. for rehabilitation
Royal Inglorious Bastards
the thrilling story Operation Greenup, which comprised of two young Jewish refugees and one Wehrmacht officer
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Travel articles by Community Members and previous WPS trips

WPS Visit to Poland
Forty five members of Woodside Park Synagogue set off recently to begin an incredibly moving and thought provoking trip to Krakow and Auschwitz
Romaniote Jews
Throughout the long history of Etz Hayyim, it has always managed to survive all the horrendous experiences that life could throw at it
Berlin Experience
Berlin is not just another city, showcases so many different and opposite sides of the human condition, jolted my thoughts and feelings about who I am
Jews of Gibralter
Armed (groan) with their newly acquired SisterSquads@WPS wristbands, and instructions from their Simcha Squad BigSis to take the bands somewhere interesting
Plymouth Synagogue
The shul is the oldest Askenazi shul in continuous use in Europe, dating back to 1762
Jews of Gothenburg
The front of the Göteborg Synagogue is hidden behind the door of an entrance to a modern office block
Jews of Copenhagen
Of the 7000 Jews, only 400 were captured. At the end of the war, Denmark welcomed back all the Jews - gave them all back their homes and jobs. No other country can claim this level of tolerance
Jews of Stockholm
The first Jew allowed into Sweden was Aaron Isaac, a merchant from Germany. He came to Stockholm with his family in 1774
Jews of Tallin
Tallin is a city steeped in history. The city was built between the 13th and 16th centuries and has remained almost unchanged
Jews of Split
The port of Split, Croatia's second city, is blessed with a Jewish community founded in the 1st century CE, under the protection of Rome
South India
It is said that King Solomon sent traders to the Malabar Coast to bring back materials for the Temple and that there have been Jews in south India since that time
Jewish Life in Tunisia
Elisabeth Barkany talks about Jewish Life in Tunisia
Fifty Years Later
Jocelyne Shrago had a reunion of family and friends she had known in Algeria, a country that she was born in, but had to leave 50 years ago
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