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What is a Get?

A Get is a Jewish divorce. Jewish divorce requires the consent of both the husband (who must freely give the Get) and the wife (who must freely receive the Get); there is no requirement that either party establishes grounds for divorce such as unreasonable behaviour, separation or adultery. The basic laws of the Jewish religious divorce can be found in the Torah, (Devarim (Deuteronomy) 24:1-5).

Where a marriage has broken down with no prospect of reconciliation, a Get should be given as quickly as possible after the couple has separated and will not be linked to any other issues arising out of the marital breakdown such as the resolution of finances or child contact issues. A Get relates singularly to the halachic dissolution of the marriage and not the consequential ancillary issues involved which are the sole purview of the English courts.

For more information on the Get Process and answers to the following questions please click here to go to the Beth Din website.

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