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Middlesex Association for the Blind

About the Middlesex Association
for the Blind (MAB)


MAB was established 100 years ago, initially to help those affected by the First World War. As a registered charity it now operates all over Middlesex county, encompassing the London Boroughs noted above.


Each Borough has its own co-ordinator and a team of volunteers, offering free help to those who are blind or visually impaired. You can speak to MAB to ask for assistance, or volunteer to help us by contacting us at MAB head office 

T: 020-8423 5141; E:


MAB provides support by:


  • Helping people of working age to gain employment.

  • Running social clubs to counteract isolation.

  • Enabling counselling for those struggling emotionally.

  • Giving practical support to people at home.

  • Operating a mobile unit which provides advice and an opportunity to try specialist equipment that may help with daily-living.

To Download the letter with the information from above from the Middlesex Association for the Blind please click here

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