begins in the evening of Saturday 08 June 2019 

and ends in the evening of Monday 10 June 2019

1st Night Shavuot Saturday 08 June

Mincha 8.45pm/Seudah 9.00pm

Ma'ariv 10.20pm followed by Tikkun Leil with kiddush & dessert

Shabbat 3rd meal/Seuda

Please come along to our seudah followed by kiddush and dessert prior to the night of Learning (Tikkun Leil)

Date: Shabbat 09 June 

Time: 9.00pm

Venue: WL Hall

Cost: £7 for Shavuot Seudah 

Child under 16 years - eat free !

Please book by Sunday 02 June.

Join our Tikkun Leil - Learn and Study some fascinating topics

"Sinai -Was it the giving of the Torah just for the Jews or the World at large" ?

"In-depth study of Sinai Revelation for Jewish and Non Jewish World"

"Why Marry Jewish"

"Climate Change - Where do we Stand" ?

Youth Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Cheese Cake & Ice Creams after Mincha

With talks by Paul and Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt.

Date: Saturday 8th June 2019

Time: 8.45pm (Mincha) 10.30pm end

Venue: at the home of Jacob & Lior

Cost: £5 per person

To Book please click here

Service Times 1st Day Shavuot - Sunday 09 June

Earliest time for Shacharit 2.45am

Shacharit 9.15am

Mincha followed by Ma’ariv 7.30pm

Candles for second night should be lit from an existing flame TBCpm

The Totteridge Shavuot Minyan: Sunday 09 June at 7.30pm

at the home of Deanna and John Chart.

Please contact the office for details. All community members are invited. 

Service Leaders

PD: Elliott Goodkin

Shacharit & Mussaf: Adam Cohen

Leining: Benjamin Morganstein

Haftarah: Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt

Anim Zemirot: TBC

Service Times 2nd Day Shavuot - Monday 10 June

Shacharit including Megillat Ruth & Yizkor 9.15am

Mincha followed by Shiur by Rabbi Hackenbroch 9.22pm

Yom Tov ends & Ma’ariv begins 10.22pm

Service Leaders


Shacharit & Mussaf: Rabbi Rosenblatt

Leining: Rabbi Hackenbroch

Haftarah: Joshua Zeltser

Anim Zemirot: TBC

1st Day Shavuot Sunday 09 June
Shavuot Ice Cream Party
All welcome to join Woodside Park Young Families for an afternoon of fun and ice cream!

Date: Sunday June 09

Time: 4.00pm - 5.30pm

Venue: Riverside Walk Playground 

2nd Day Shavuot Monday 10 June

Venue: At the home of Gila and Rabbi Hackenbroch

(Please contact the office for the address)

Socialise after the talks and Indulge in delicious and sumptuous refreshments

Come to the Ladies’ Tikkun or the Megillah reading or stay for both events

We are delighted to invite you to 
A reading of Megillat Ruth by ladies and girls of the community followed by Ladies Tikkun 
Megillah Ruth Reading

Time: 3.45pm prompt 

Interval : 4.30pm

Ladies Tikkun

Time: 4.40 pm prompt

Cast in order of appearance for the Ladies’ Tikkun: 

     Speaker                                                      Title of talk

Marsha Gladstone……………  Yoni Jesner Foundation

Sam Pinnick…………………….Connecting language and food 

Gila Hackenbroch……………...Shavuot musings

Tali Ross…………………………Life lessons to my son on leaving home 

Debbie Cantor………………….Hidden Stories from WJR’s Archives 

Karen Simon……………………Learning from website treasure troves

Deanna Chart………………… Respect for Age and Wisdom

When you stay on after the talks to socialise, you’ll also enjoy lots of tasty refreshments.

Whisky & Wisdom 
An event for men in our community

Venue: The home of the Cantor Family

Time: 4.30 (prompt) -  5.45pm

Followed by refreshments with the ladies at 6pm

First Women's Megillah Reading at WPS
Shavuot 2017 - 5777


21 Women and girls at Woodside Park Synagogue participated in its first Megillah reading, together with the women speakers of the hugely successful annual Women’s Tikkun. Gila Hackenbroch, who launched the initiative, said: “It was a wonderful way for women and girls to come together, while paving the way for future generations of women’s Megillah readings at Woodside Park.”

The Ladies’ Tikkun with Megillat Ruth

By Anne Elliott with Deanna Levine

"The second afternoon of Shavuot at Woodside Park was extra special this year because our hugely popular and unique annual Ladies’ Tikkun was combined with the shul’s pioneering Women’s Megillah Reading of the Book of Ruth."

Read their account of the Ladies'Tikkun with Megillat Ruth

First Women's Megillah Reading at WPS
Shavuot 2017 - 5777


21 Women and girls at Woodside Park Synagogue participated in its first Megillah reading, together with the women speakers of the hugely successful annual Women’s Tikkun. Gila Hackenbroch, who launched the initiative, said: “It was a wonderful way for women and girls to come together, while paving the way for future generations of women’s Megillah readings at Woodside Park.”

The Ladies’ Tikkun with Megillat Ruth

By Anne Elliott with Deanna Levine

"The second afternoon of Shavuot at Woodside Park was extra special this year because our hugely popular and unique annual Ladies’ Tikkun was combined with the shul’s pioneering Women’s Megillah Reading of the Book of Ruth."

Read their account of the Ladies'Tikkun with Megillat Ruth

Shavuot 2018
Megillat Ruth and Ladies Tikkun

This year we all came together to read  Megillat Ruth

Jane Barron, Arlette Garcia, Nurith Cohen,

Susan Baruch, Avital Cohen, Debbie Cantor, Naomi Goldberg, Izzy Passe, Debra Morris, 

Andrea Passe, Sarah Segal, Zara Passe,

Tali Ross, Wendy Pins, Naomi Cohen,

Ilana Cantor, Gaby Segal, Emma Steinberg,

Karen Simon, Estelle Phillips


and to Listen to talks from

Friendship and Kindness in verse - Pam Nelkon 

The Power of Speech - Talia Goodkin 

Zionism and Ken Livingstone - Michelle Stoops 

Shavuot Musings - Gila Hackenbroch 

Sculptures and the Holocaust - Carolyn Raven

Giving and Receiving Praise - Esther Shuker

This Way Up - Tami Goldshneider

Visiting the Sick - Deanna Levine

What's in a Name - Jo Diamond

WPS Youth Shavuot Service timetable 2018
19 May

Full Youth Service - 9.30am

Louis Rhodes will be leining

19 May

Full Youth Tikkun Leil - 9.00pm - 11.00pm

2nd Floor CC

19 May

Full Youth Tikkun Leil part 2 - 11.00pm

Main Shul

20 May

1st Day: Shavout Special Hot Topics - 11.00am

2nd Floor CC

21 May

2nd Day: Full Youth Minyan at Rubens House - 9.30am

184 ballards Lane, London N3 2NB

For further information please contact Tammy and Adam

Ladies Tikkun 

on 10 June 2019 (2nd day of Shavuot)

To read the report written by

By Deanna Chart, aided and abetted by Gila Hackenbroch

Co-chairs of the Ladies who Learn/Ladies’ Tikkun

Please click here

Ladies Tikkun Talks

Respect for Age & Wisdom
Deanna Levine's talk society appears to idolise youth, beauty, often age and experience are sidelined. What does Judaism have to say ?
Language of Food
Sam Pinnick discusses that food is at the heart of Jewish life and culture, used to explore themes as love and compassion, justice and belonging, life and death
World Jewish Relief
Debbie Cantor volunteers at World Jewish Relief working with the Archives we learn a little bit about some of the fascinating stories discovered each week
Ken Livingstone and Zionism
Michelle Stoops: Ken Livingstone, made a statement about Hitler being a Zionist he believed that Jews should go to Israel, but his main crime was not to give the facts in historical context
Visiting the Sick
Deanna Levine's d’var torah is based on the short but illuminating book by Rabbi Tsvi G Schur “Illness and Crisis: Coping the Jewish Way”.
When We Smile
Pam Nelkon says in Pirkei Avot Chapter I Shammai says “receive everyone with a cheerful countenance and in Chapter III Rabbi Yismael said “receive everyone cheerfully”.
Giving & Receiving Praise
Esther Shuker quotes Rabbi Sacks who said that once a day, every day, married couples should praise each other for something each one has done that day
What's in a Name
Jo Diamond asks you to think about your name ..I’m sure you can connect to it..whether it be after a grand or great grand parent, or biblical name with power and meaning! It feels nice right?
Friendship & Kindness in Verse
Pam Nelkon read three poems about friendship and Kindness
Mother in Law Episode 1
Deanna Levine Says Can two women love the same man – the husband of one and the son of the other – and live in peace? A question which even Rashi might have asked!
Mother in Law Episode 2
Estelle Phillips says that there may be a subconscious rivalry as the distances between the generations have grown much less
The Five Sisters
Maxine said the daughters of Tzelafchad were pioneers in arguing the case for women’s rights under biblical law. ‘They won the first bona fide example of feminist legislation ‘on the books’.
My Omer
Esther Shuker says if Pesach took the Jewish people out of Egypt; Shavuot took Egypt out of the Jewish people.
Can a Smile Affect You?
Sara Peacock said that "I decided to talk about something that's not normally talked about. but first I wanted to get the most information I could get to find about a smile."
Ingathering of the Exiles
Rachel Landau explains that the gathering of Israel, kibbutz galuyot, literally, the Ingathering of the Exiles, stretches back to biblical times.
Jewish Blind and Disabled
Hazel Kaye CEO of JBD explains that our mission is to support people with physical disabilities or vision impairment in living independent liveswith dignity, security and hope for the future
Jews of Greece
Helen Roberts tells us that In the early 1900s nearly 100,000 Jews lived in Greece, very many of them in the northern town of Salonica, now called Thessaloniki.
Deanna Levine quotes “He who humiliates his fellow in public, even though he may possess Torah and good deeds, he has no portion in the World to Come.”
Debra Morris explains thatIts interesting when there is really something very important that needs to get done somehow we do it – time just seems to expand.
Pam Nelkon says: I would now like to share with you some ideas and insights from “Living with Kids”, a handbook written by Miriam Aduhan, a renowned psychotherapist
Magnificent 7
Esther Shuker says The Tanach is full of mysterious connections and significance based on special numbers –but I would like to share with you some amazing facts surrounding the number 7
Safta's Story
My Safta was a survivor. She used to say that her story was one with a happy beginning and a happy ending. The middle is not a typical holocaust story. It’s a story of loss, hardship, escape and survival
Keep Well It's a Mitzvah
"Bodily health and wellbeing are part of the path to G-d. One must therefore avoid anything that may harm the body and one must cultivate healthful habits"
Naomi Cohen writes Ask any child which part of the Seder they enjoy eating and charoset will almost certainly be top of the list
Eishet Chayill
Andrea Passe writes Eishet Chayill how can this old poem be relevant to the modern orthodox woman?
Parenting with Fire
Pam Nelkon speaks about Rabbi Boteach describes how he is bringing up his eight children. I’d like to share some of his thoughts & beliefs. As a framework he uses the letters of the word “PLANT”
Woodside Park Cares
Esther Shuker writes the more we do, the more there is to do and we are always seeking new volunteers
Great in Uniform
Nurith Cohen remembered seeing recently a short presentation about a unique project in Israel called "Great in Uniform"
Stumbling Blocks
Deanna Chart writes One of the commandments mentioned in Parshas Kedoshim is this: “You shall not place a stumbling block in front of the blind”
A Narrow Escape
Helen Roberts writes Kristallnacht on November 9th 1938 was catastrophic for my family. In a matter of an hour or so, their home, their shop and their lives were smashed to smithereens
Yvonne Hay writes: Rebecca Sieff spoke at length on the idea that women should work together as a body develop their own abilities and powers to make things happen
Jewish Life in Tunisia
Elisabeth Barkany talks about Jewish Life in Tunisia
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Whisky and Wisdom

Major General Orde Wingate
Michael Cohen talks about Orde Wingate a British general who helped to revolutionise the way war could be fought, a philosophy that remains the guiding principle of the IDF.
Pesach Sheni
the 14th of Iyar, is one of the most obscure festivals in the Jewish calendar.  What is its significance?
Chaim Weizmann
Michael Cohen talks about Chaim Weizmann a leader and Israeli statesman who served as the first President of Israel
Halacha of cheesecake
Jonathan Dubow tells us that Shavuot, is also known as The Holiday of the Harvest, Assembly, Day of the offering of the first fruits, The Time of the Giving of the Torah and The Holiday of the Cheese!
Jews on the Moon
Michael Baxter writes So far, only twelve men and no women have actually walked on the surface of the Moon, and as far as I know none was Jewish
Artscroll vs Soncino
David Conway's talk concentrates on the contribution to Anglo Jewry of Rabbi Joseph Hertz, the Hertz Chummash translation and commentary
Barcelona Disputations
Peter Wittner talks about The Disputation of Barcelona (July 20–24, 1263) was held at the royal palace of King James I of Aragon in the presence of the King
The Red String
Brian Harris explains the use of the Red String which is a Jewish response to stress
Thirteen Principles of Faith
Alex Igel talks about Rabbi Nathan Lopez Cardozo's article on the Thirteen Principles of Faith
Whisky and Kashrut
John Chart discusses the issues surrounding whisky and kashrut
Medical Ethics
Laurence Buckman explains the general medical ethical principles in relation to Jewish issues
Chaim Zelig Slonimsky
Michael Baxter talks about Chaim Zelig Slonimsky Rabbi, Astronomer and Inventor
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Late Night Tikkun

Solving the Agunot Quandary
Rabbi Hackenbroch dedicates this lecture to the memory of the victims of 9/11
Which Came First Chicken or the Egg
Neil Cohen’s gemara shiur covers the first part of the first mishnah of the Tractate of Beitzah, the seventh Tractate of the twelve that form the Second Order of the Mishnah, called Moed.
Bar Kochba & Succot
Alan Tunkel discusses the mishna the flute playing (took place) sometimes (on) five days and sometimes on six. This refers to the flute playing at Beth Ha-Sho'ebah
Government Prayers
David Conway concluded, a Prayer for the Government by congregations in the Diaspora makes one think about one’s place in general society
Obligation to Learn Torah
Neil Cohen says: “And you shall teach them your children, talking of them, when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up.”
Parasha Naso
Rabbi Wayland had 3 minutes, or 180 seconds, which was just enough time to tell us about the 176 verses in Parshat Naso – the longest sedra in the Torah.
Mishna Shuir
John Chart writes: What are the physical methods of claiming ownership ? E.g. lifting, grasping. Drawing/pulling (e.g. an animal), and the 4 amos rule
Students to Soldiers
Alan Tunkel writes: During the First and Second Jewish Revolts against the Roman occupation of Judaea (66-70 CE and 132-136 CE) the Jewish Authorities took the trouble to mint their own coins
Building and Shavuot
Ray Peacock writes: This is based on a Chabad article, Chumash and Shulchan Aruch and my thoughts so what do Builders have to do with Shavuot?
Av Harachami
David Conway writes: Also known as the "Requiem for Martyrs", it is said only on the Shabbats preceding Shavuoth & TishaB'Av
Naomi, Ruth and a Baby
Rabbi Wayland writes: ‘A baby was born to Naomi’, although clearly the baby was born to Ruth
Tzitzit - The Basics
Neil Cohen writes: So what are tzitzit all about? Why do we wear them? What's with the knots and so on.. Why do we wear tzitzit?
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Shavuot Articles

The 10 Commandments
There's something so strong and reassuring about the phrase; The Ten Commandments- they were after all set in stone for eternity!
Shavuot Message
Reverend Michael Plaskow says every day is a special day and maybe we should stop occasionally for a few minutes and talk to Hashem
Shavuot in Iraq
Farah Josephs writes: Shavuot was known in Iraq as "Eid al-Ziyara," Judeo-Arabic for "festival of the pilgrimage. Iraqi Jews traditionally performed a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of the prophets to receive blessings
Seudat Yitro
Elizabeth Barkany writes: I chose to speak about Seudat Yitro because it a unique Jewish Tunisian Tradition and because of its connection with Shavuot
My Name is Daniel Pearl
David Conway writes: My name is Daniel Pearl. I am a Jewish American from Encino, California USA
Learning from Mistakes
Debra Morris writes: some say that these days are a ladder leading from re enacting being a slave who is freed, to becoming a Jew
Woodside Park Cares
Andrew Plaskow writes: to see how as people age within Woodside Park we can enable them to flourish and participate to the best of their physical and mental ability
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