Youth & Young Families

At WPS there are many activies for the Youth and Young Families of all ages to take part in.

Young Families

If you would like further information then please email

Youth directors

We have both Mid-week and Shabbat Youth Directors

Joel Azulay – Mid-Week Youth Director  

Sorele Cohen – Mid-Week Youth Director

Louis Rhodes – Shabbat Youth Director

Daniel Ross – Shabbat Youth Director

For further information and to contact the Youth Directors please email

WPS Families Presents
Chanukah Fireworks
Salt Beef Bar, Latkas and Doughnuts

Date: Sunday 28 November

Time 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Venue: Private Garden in Totteridge


Join Us on Shabbat 4 December at Shul

for special Chanukah Services

03.1 Fireworks and doughnuts sold out.jpeg