Youth & Young Families

At WPS there are many activies for the Youth and Young Families of all ages to take part in.


If you would like further information then please email

To download the WPS Youth Yearly Calendar please click here

2 new programs for our Youth


If you are in year 7-9 you might recently have graduated from the Bnei Mitzvah Program, and so now is the time to implement the Jewish values that you have learned. 

For details of the New Learn2Give Chesed Program please click here


If you would like to practice your Hebrew with Lior and Jacob please contact them.

Sessions are arranged fortnightly

At Lior and Jacob's place

For more details

please click here

A New Chesed program for years 7-9 aims at helping and raising awareness of the situation of Asylum seekers in the UK
To practice your Hebrew please contact Lior and Jacob
Baby Blessing
Details of the baby blessing ceremony @ WPS
Yavneh Nursery
Caters for children from 2 to 5 years of age in a caring and nuturing environment
Information about WPS Cheder which nurtures pupils of all needs and abilities and encourages all pupils to achieve their full potential
Youth Chesed
With Charlotte Archer - north woods Rising Star, Simon Raivid raising money for Camp Simcha and the Four Sons raising money for Water Aid, Chai Cancer Care and Emunah
Children & Youth Services
We have thriving children's services covering all age groups: Toddlers, 0-4 years old Intermediates 5-7 years old Children 8-12 years old and Youth Services
Bnei Akiva
Woodside Park Bnei Akiva runs weekly meetings in the shul every Shabbat afternoon
Hochmah Squad
for parents and children (boys and girls) in Years 9 & 10 Hochmah means wisdom so it’s about anything Jewish and thought-provoking.
Club 56
Club 56 for all kids, Boys and Girls in Years 5 & 6, 6 - 7.15pm table tennis, pool, games, cookery, arts and crafts and more
Woodside Park has a thriving Guides group catering for girls aged from 7-10 in the community
Woodside Park has a thriving Guides group catering for girls aged from 10-14 in the community
20th Finchley Scouts has a Beaver colony for boys between six and eight years old
20th Finchley Scouts has a cubs pack for boys aged between the ages of eight and ten
20th Finchley Scouts has a Scouts pack for boys between ten and fourteen years old
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