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Woodside Park Cares

Helping the Community 

We all know that Woodside Park Synagogue is known as a caring community, offering support and assistance to all members, young and old. 


Woodside Park Cares is a voluntary organisation, which aims to provide informal care and help in a professional manner, for all members by members. 

Staying or visiting a hospital

If you are staying or visiting a hospital, or if you would like a visit from our Hospital Visitation team. Learn about the work of Ezra Umarpeh a charity that provides a range of targeted support services for patients and their families with a particular emphasis on enhancing the hospital experience and reducing in-patient stays. Please click here for more information

Did you know that every week in WPS:

At least one WPS family is affected by a bereavement. Our volunteers provide meals, make up a minyan or are just there for the family. 


3 members are in hospital. Our volunteers visit them and provide support and transport. 

Some members are house-bound and need help with shopping and befriending. Our volunteers are always there to help. 


Without our volunteers there would be nobody in WPS to care.


Please help.  Time to Spare? Show you care..... 

With nearly 1000 families in our community there are many members who depend on us for care and support Fortunately there are many people who are able to volunteer some of their time - but we need more. No matter how little time you can give, you will make a big difference to those who really need it. 

Please contact Woodside Park Cares:to let us know how you would like to pledge a little of your time..

Woodside Park Cares Contact Details

Woodside Park Cares Co-ordinator: Brenda Goldberg


Telephone:020 8445 4236 : Extension 2


If you need someone to talk to following the death of a relative or friend, then Woodside Park Community Cares is able to offer you someone to talk to who has been specifically trained to provide you with bereavement support and if they are unable to help you to point you in the direction of someone who can.


It can also offer you a befriending service as well as help and support to the bereaved and their families.


If you do need someone to talk to please call the 24-hour dedicated confidential helpline, on 020 8950 3344 or email:

For information on what steps to take to organise a Levoyah or shiva please click here

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