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Blooms Nostalgia Evening


Woodside Park United Synagogue's novel invitation to their guests to join their "Blooms Nostalgia" evening asked them to "Bring your Shayna punim and join the Mishpocheh at WPS. No Shmattes allowed, Schlep your tucheses to our dinner, have a little nosh, have a little schmooze, be a mensch, don’t kvetch at our meshuggeneh idea, but enjoy the shtick, kvell in the atmosphere and let us be verklempt at the end of a wonderful evening! Remember you are getting a metsiya!"

Over 120 guests took up the offer, and enjoyed a nostalgic Blooms feast of chicken soup with kneidles and lockshen, salt beef sandwiches, with viennas and latkes (with all the trimmings!) followed by apple strudel.

Funny waiter Mark Howard recreated the atmosphere with his version of Blooms service, Blooms grandson, Martin Malin shared memories, and additional content was kindly provided by Pam Fox, author of forthcoming book on the much beloved restaurant. 

With lots of nostalgia photos and even an authentic old bottle of Blooms sherry and a Blooms Kippah - A Gute Nakht was had by all - Mazel tov!

Blooms Photos
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