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Can a Smile Affect You

by Sara 
mona lisa
mona lisa
mona lisa
mona lisa

I decided to talk about something that's not normally talked about. but first I wanted to get the most information I could get to find about a smile.

on the way I found new and weird facts about a smile; like the Mona Lisa, some of you will be sitting there thinking I am mad to bring a world famous painting and make it sound connected to smiling but I read a article that some people believe that she was so famous because of her unique smile.


I also did a lot of Jewish research and found out that we don't own our face others do, the reason is that our face is out outer signal to the world. we can't see it but everyone else can as the saying goes 'actions speak louder than words'  


In perspective this is true as we don't see our face only others see our face. The only time we see our face is when we look in the mirror . I can tell you sometimes that's a terrible sight - I know from experience I even scare myself.

And according to a rabbi walking around sad is like leaving a open pit in the street as it's like a hazard. If you think about it quite often your mood is represented on your face and people around you are  influenced by how one behaves.


In a study in Sweden they proved that people have difficulty frowning when they looked at other people who were smiling

Now back to my original point i really do believe whats on your face can influence other around you, even a simple smile can lift someones spirit, who is not feeling that good, its a sort of ripple effect.  Just think what you and I could do, with just a little smile and a few words.

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