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Children & Youth Services

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We have thriving children's services covering three different age groups: Toddlers, 0-4 years; Intermediate  5-7 years; Senior 8-12 years.

All of these are run by a rota of dedicated parents focusing on providing a fun and exciting Shabbat experience, whilst introducing children gradually to the service. 

Toddlers Service (11am - 11.45am)

Venue: Nursery

This Service is attended by parents with their children and has its own Siddur put together by parents from the synagogue. This includes lots of songs, many with actions, a number of key prayers and always a story.


Intermediate Children's Service (10.50am - 11.45am)

Venue: Children's Library

This service is attended by children on their own or with their parents, as they feel comfortable, and is a little more structured, introducing children to the Chief Rabbi's Children's Siddur.


Senior Children's Service (10.45am - 11.45am)

Venue: Beth Hamidrash

This service covers a number of key Shacharit prayers where individual children have the chance to lead as Chazan, and we maintain the emphasis on singing, stories and other fun activities. The children come together after their services for a joint children's Kiddish, before joining the main service for Adon Alom. Once a month, we miss this extra Kiddish and instead spend extra time in the main service. The children are always excited when the Rabbi is able to visit the services and the high point of the year is the Chatanim and Eshot Chail awards for each service, given in front of the whole congregation on Sukkot. Volunteers We're always looking for parents to help out. If you are interesting in helping run a service then please contact

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