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Plant a Tree for the Jubilee!

To mark the Queen’s Jubilee, the United Synagogue and the Office of the Chief Rabbi are collaborating with the Woodland Trust to plant groves of trees as a gift to Her Majesty. Today we’re inviting you to buy trees to support The Queen’s Green Canopy. Every tree will contribute to a dedicated Jewish community grove within a Norfolk forest which can also be visited. 


Trees cost £20 each and can be bought in any number. The Woodland Trust who will plant each tree on our behalf, dedicate the space to the United Synagogue and maintain our grove as place that can be visited and enjoyed. Communities which collectively buy more than 750 trees will have theirs planted together in a dedicated grove of their own.


We aim to plant some 37,000 trees over three years – one for every adult member of the United Synagogue.

Trees can be bought now via


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