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Yom Kippur

begins in the evening of Sunday, at 27 September 2020 at 6.33pm 

and ends in the evening of Monday, 28 September 2020 at 7.32pm

Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur Programme 5781

Pre Yom Kippur talk
by Rabbi Hackenbroch 


Date: Thursday 24th September 

Time: 8pm

Please join here:  Facebook and YouTube

Yomin Noraim / High Holy Days Reserved Seating 2019

Seats for Shul and the Wiseman Linden Hall for the High Holy Days can now be booked

Cost: £25 for members / £50 for non-members – payment required before seats are allocated. Seating preferences can be requested and the office will do their best to accommodate wherever possible.

Booking Online :

If you are not going to be here over Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur and have a shul seat, we would be grateful if you could let us know. 

Order Now Sandwiches for Children on Yom Kippur 2019

Do you always worry about lunch for your children on Yom Kippur? 

Normally miss Yizkor? No need to this year? 

For a nominal fee your children under 11 will be able to have a Sandwich and Drink 

The choice of Sandwiches will be ( all on white bread, we will request no vegetables)


Smoked Salmon and cream cheese

Tuna Mayonnaise

Cream Cheese

Egg Mayonnaise

Smoked Salmon only


All for the cost of £4.50

Lunch includes sandwich of your choice, bottle of water, ready salted crisps & box of raisins.


Served at the end of your child(ren)'s service in the nursery area.


To order your sandwiches online

please click here:

Or for more information please contact the office:

Telephone: 020 8445 4236


Please Note


The only food which can be eaten on the premises must be provided by Young Families - this is due to kashrut and allergy reasons. 


Sandwiches MUST be booked and paid for by Wednesday 2 October.


No orders can be taken after this date. 


The sandwiches are being requested NUT free but this cannot be guaranteed and thus parents MUST check if they are concerned. 


NO food or drink may be taken out of the room it is being served in. 


You cannot change the choice of drink, crisps or raisins. 


Available to children attending the Yom Kippur children services at Woodside Park.

Sorry but sandwiches are NOT available for children aged 11 or over.

Service Times for Yom Kippur

EREV YOM KIPPUR                                                                                 

Tuesday 08 October

Selichot and Shacharit 6.55am

Mincha 1.30pm

Kol Nidrei

Tuesday 08 October 2019

All worshipers are reminded that leather footwear should NOT be worn on Yom Kippur

Fast Begins 6.08pm

Kol Nidrei 6.08pm


Yom Kippur

Wednesday 09 October 2019

Shacharit 9.00am

Yizkor - approximately 12.00pm

Separating Co Joined Twins 

talk by Rabbi Hackenbroch 3.30pm - 4.15pm

Mincha followed by Neila 4.00pm

Ma'ariv 7.07pm

Fast Ends 7.07pm

Youth Services on Yom Kippur

Youth - Kol Nidrei

Youth Minyan: School Years  7 - 13

Time: Start: 6.08pm

Time End: 9.00pm

Venue: 1st Floor Community Centre


Youth - Yom Kippur - Shacharit & Mussaf

& Discussion Group

Youth Minyan:  School Years  7 - 13

Shacharit & Mussaf 9.30am - 3.30pm 

Venue: 1st Floor Community Centre


Youth - Mincha & Neila

Minyan:  School Years  7 - 13

Mincha and Neilah 5.30pm - 7.07pm

Venue: 1st Floor Community Centre

Yom Kippur Children's Services @ WPS

Toddlers Service School Year Nursery

Time: 11.00 - 11.45

A mix of interactive songs, stories & lots of fun, come with bags of energy

Venue: Ground Floor of the Community Centre (Nursery)

Only one parent can accompany their child to the service due to space restrictions


Young Intermediate Service School Year Reception

Time: 11.00 - 12.00

A gentle intro to the shul service with songs and stories & fun

Venue: 2nd Floor Classroom Wiseman Linden Building

Only one parent can accompany their child to the service due to space restrictions


Intermediate Service School Years 1 - 2

Time: 11.00 - 12.00

Intro to the shul service with stories, games & fun

Venue: 2nd floor Classroom Wiseman Linden Building

Only one parent can accompany their child to the service due to space restrictions


Children School Years 3 - 6

Time: 11.00 - 12.15

Intro to the shul service with stories, games & fun

Venue: 1st floor Wiseman Linden Building (children's library)

"Parent Free Zone"



Kol Nidre Appeal 2018

Yom Kippur is unique. It gives us a truly special opportunity to reflect on our relationship with G-d, ourselves and other people. It's a day that changes lives.


Today the whole community comes together at this special time and as individual we consider our actions over the past year. We pray, ask for forgiveness and give Tzedaka (charity) to help others, and in doing so the power we have is simply enormous.


This is the power of the Kol Nidre Appeal. By giving together today we can change the lives of people both at home and in Israel.


The chosen charities for Woodside Park Synagogue's this year are:



The Jewish Digest

Jewish Digest is a unique UK based charity run by volunteers for people suffering with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

IBD is more commonly found amongst the Ashkenazi Jewish population but it is easy to feel isolated, as people don’t feel comfortable talking about their bowel issues over Friday night dinner, and many sufferers find there’s never really an appropriate time to talk about it. Because people with IBD find it hard to discuss, their family and friends often do not know much about it or understand what it means to live with a chronic condition.

There are lots of aspects to IBD and we hope to develop the charity in many ways. We’d love to hear your thoughts – we are here to help the community in whichever way possible.

British Friends of Zaka

ZAKA is Israel’s premier rescue and recovery volunteer organization, with thousands of volunteers  on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, accident or disaster. ZAKA volunteers also work in specialist search and rescue units on land and sea and the UN-recognized ZAKA International Rescue Unit operates at mass casualty incidents around the world.

The ZAKA volunteers are professionally trained in all aspects of their work related to identification of the deceased, preserving the honor of the dead and ensuring a full and proper Jewish burial. ZAKA is the only organization authorized by the Israel Police to handle any and every incident of sudden and unnatural death, be it traffic accidents, murder, suicide, terror attacks, mass casualty incidents or natural disasters.



To visit the tribe website please click here to go to



To visit the US Chesed website please click here to go


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