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EcoSynagogue is designed to provide a practical and simple roadmap for synagogues

EcoSynagogue is a cross communal organisation in partnership with the Board of Deputies. Led by our 4 Rabbis… Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, New North London Masorti Synagogue, Rabbi David Mason, Muswell Hill United Synagogue, Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, Edgware & Hendon Reform Synagogue and Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich, Nottingham Liberal Synagogue, EcoSynagogue’s approach is both communal and universal.

EcoSynagogue invites each community to our online Environmental Audit, a comprehensive environmental survey of how we engage with the environment in our places of worship. Audit your place of worship, get a score, look at ways to improve that score with the assistance of resources which will be constantly updated and be rewarded with a Bronze, Silver and ultimately Gold EcoSynagogue Award.

The Environment Audit looks at 5 areas:

  1. Community (Synagogue) Management commitment to this pathway.

  2. Prayer & Teaching

  3. Lifestyle

  4. Land, Buildings & Consumables

  5. Community & Global Engagement.

We invite you to assess what you are currently doing, and then we give you a pathway to take control (with resources continuously being added & ongoing support) to improve your community’s relationship with its environment, as a building, a community, as individuals and as part of a wider conversation on this important topic.

The Torah tells us that we are trustees of God’s creation and it is our responsibility, as communities and individuals to protect our planet and leave it to our children and grandchildren in a state of wholeness and health.

With the shoots of a “green recovery” in sight, let’s get our worship places ready and the UK Jewish Community engaged and put us all on a pathway to a better relationship with the world around us, starting with the way we pray, govern, learn, socialise and advocate in our own Shuls.

For more information please

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