Is Our World Changing

by Reverend Michael Plaskow MBE
Is Our World Changing
Is Our World Changing
Is Our World Changing
Is Our World Changing

Are you really surprised what is happening in the Arab world? Would you have believed just a few months ago that Mubarak would be thrown out of Egypt; Or that Gaddafi would be hated in Libya; Or that Assad was in trouble in Syria; Or that there were problems in Bahrain and Yemen; Or that Osama bin Laden would be killed. Do you honestly think all these recent happenings are a coincidence?


Life has taught me that there is no such thing as coincidence. Every case of coincidence is an act of Divine Providence. The Book of Koheles (Ecclesiastes) tells us, 'Just as you do not know the way of the wind.... So you can never know the work of God Who makes all.'


Whether we know it or not, whether we contemplate it or not, our lives are filled with myriad instances - both great and small - of hashgachah pratis, Divine Providence. Sometimes we are not aware of Hashem's constant presence in our lives, but if we looked carefully, and took the time to see all the wonders which He performs for us each and every second of our lives, we would be happier, more fulfilled people.


So my friends look at the news in a different way. Think of the news as being orchestrated by Divine Providence and also realize how true the words are that we recite at our seder table - 'In every generation, there are those who rise up to destroy us but the Holy One Blessed is He rescues us from their hand.'

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