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Rabbi Hackenbroch


Rabbi Hackenbroch on Sabbatical

1 March - 30 May 2017


During this time, Rabbi Hackenbroch will be visiting South Africa, Canada and the USA as scholar residence as well as looking at ideas and models from communities around the world to bring back to our community.




Shabbat 24th - 25th March               Sunny Road Shul, Johannesburg 

Tuesday 28th March                         Lecture at Sandton Shul, Johannesburg (website: )

Shabbat 31st March - 1st April         Claremont Shul, Cape Town (website: )

Shabbat 12th - 13th May                  Toronto, Canada

Shabbat 19th - 20th May                  Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Over the last few days I have had the pleasure to spend a fascinating weekend in Johannesburg.


I was scholar in residence in Sunny Road Shul, hosted by Rabbi Sakstein. I had the opportunity to speak twice. The community consists of 120 families. Their service on Shabbat morning begins at 8.15am and finishes at 10.30am and they then go outside where they have Kiddush in the sunshine (the kids get pizza!) followed by two consecutive learning sessions.


I delivered my first speech on the topic of  Entebbe and Pesach – The Great Escape. In the afternoon I was privileged to have a meeting with Chief Rabbi Goldstein the pioneer of the Shabbos project and to discuss Programming ideas and concepts for the future. He then spoke to the community until the conclusion of Shabbat.


In the week we have visited the Ohr Sameach Shul which is very much at the heart of the community and attracts hundreds of adults to come and learn. I was also shown a university students programme called Ohrsom Student which provides a free trip for students to Israel on condition they are willing to commit to studying for thirty five weeks in the year. The programme is a resounding success, so much so, they have to operate on three nights of the week.


On Tuesday I was invited to the Sandton Shul to speak, which is the largest community in South Africa. It is situated in the wealthy neighbourhood of Sandtown in a 3 acre campus with a school, youth house and youth centre. There’s also a nursery and Rabbi’s residence as well as a 1,400 seater main shul plus banqueting suite for 400 people as well as play areas for kids and youth. I was truly honoured to be asked to lecture to the community and to meet with the Senior Rabbi who was able to exchange ideas with me.


Next up is Cape Town…

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