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Sale of Chometz Form


It is most important that all chometz is disposed of or sold before Passover. 


Although the non-Jew usually sells it back after Passover, this is an entirely valid and legal sale, both in Jewish and English Law.


The chometz to be sold should be securely locked away in a room or cupboard, which will not be used over Pesach.  

It is customary to empower the local rabbi to sell one’s chometz and to sign the Rabbi’s contract. 


Members should contact the office if they need a form emailed or posted to them.

To be returned no later than
12 Noon on Sunday 02 April 2023
Sale of Chametz Form
I THE UNDERSIGNED hereby appoint Rabbi Pinchas Hackenbroch to act as my agent and sell all Chametz, Chametz mixtures or suspicion of Chametz that will be in my possession by 10.30am on Wednesday 05 April 2023 

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